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Condom That Kills HIV?

By J. E. Hinners, MD MPH

The Australian company Starpharma has put out an “HIV-killing condom” (otherwise called the “VivaGel condom”) that was first approved for Japanese marketing by Okamoto Industries earlier in March of this year… 681 more words

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Where to buy Topo inhibitors and analogs?

DNA topoisomerase I and DNA topoisomerase II (Topo I and Topo II) are nuclear enzymes which regulate the topological state of the DNA helix by transiently breaking and rejoining DNA strands. 688 more words

Cancer Research

my dear friend

my dear friend, have i told you how mesmerising i find your whispers
and you tease me with your sharp edges,
you are lustrous and metallic and reflect the spirit of sunshine  114 more words

Superfood - Lily For Your Pad To Rest On

With news of their debut album finally out (Don’t Say That is the name), it seemed only fair to drop a new track as well. Lily For Your Pad To Rest On is deliciously fun, and twinkles with 90’s rhythms and pinging guitars for a traditional Superfood track, just like their debut track, Superfood, back in early 2013, but much more nostalgic and poppy. 22 more words


Monday 1 September, 19:55

Laura leaves her keys in her flat and is locked out in the rain in a pair of flip flops but is so used to these types of incidents that she can only let it and the rain roll over her.  35 more words



Have you ever noticed what a smile does? A smile is infectious, it is something that is understood by everyone regardless of culture, race or religion. 28 more words


Loette- Contraceptive Tablet protecting from unwanted Pregnancy

Loette acts like a shield that gives 1st priority to women’s desire by solving desperate need of preserving from pregnancy. It is comprised of 2 hormones referred as levonorgestrel & ethinyloestradiol that together protects formation of pregnancy. 206 more words