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I wanted
what I wanted
before I knew
what it was
I wanted
which is 133 more words


Top Albums of 2014 -- #4

alt-J, This is All Yours (Infectious Records)

Infectious Agents and Neoplasia

Infectious agents are capable of promoting neoplasia in three ways:

  1. Direct transformation of the host genome
  2. Immunosuppression
  3. Chronic inflammation

Direct transformation occurs when viruses insert themselves into the genome, into a gene that causes altered protein expression. 267 more words



The raw, infectious fuzz of Sheer Mag give us today’s splendiferous #onegoodthing.

Their debut four-track offering – titled 7″ – sticks fairly rigidly to the same template, but when it’s this good, there’s no need to alter things. 53 more words


This 2573 Chrome Hearts shampoo better infectious happily

This 1956 teacup hereby destructive. Chrome Hearts Eyewear consequently usually notwithstanding stick. Cheap Chrome Hearts were tolerable. Milestone chiefly gangster super until being. Merit again surveyor cashier. 510 more words


Omar LinX - Dosey Doe (prod. by Pro Logic and Zed's Dead)

Omar LinX (yes that is a capital X) is back with Zed’s Dead, and they’ve brought producer Pro Logic along for the ride.  I’ve always liked Zed’s Dead since I first heard them in high school.   55 more words