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No Peeking!

If you’ve ever been to a swim meet where young children were competing, you’ve seen The Peek. During the race, usually breaststroke, a swimmer will turn his/her head to check out the competition. 417 more words


Steps to the Top

I just bought this book from the Ccf bookstore, I’ve been hearing several good quotes fro
ZIG Ziglar,  which inspirational speakers always use stories and quotes from his book. 259 more words


Give Permission

“No one can make you feel inferior,

without your permission.”

- Ellanor Roosevelt



The root word: “Sub” — meaning: under, inferior to.

Submerge: To put underwater.

Submission: To yield; to be inferior to.

Subordinate: Lower rank, inferior.

Subsequent: later in time. 20 more words


Hitler, Kim Jong Il and the Master of the harvest

I’ve been hearing the name ‘Adolf Hitler’ a lot these past weeks. First, because the ‘World War’ series in History Channel is already out. Second, I met a newbie who loves wearing jackets (or any shirt) embroidered with the swastika. 531 more words


I feel empty, like a big black hole has swallowed me up from the inside. I am here, I am living, breathing and I have good health, but now that’s not enough anymore. 317 more words

Keeping up with the Joneses

“I’m pretty much the only one in my entire class who doesn’t have an Xbox or a PlayStation or a Wii, you know,” my son said reproachfully to me a few months back.  1,387 more words