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Map: Inferior Education in Detroit 1960

The Detroit Geographic and Expedition Institute (DGEI) spent much of their Field Notes II publication looking at the state of education in Detroit. This map, based on test scores, demonstrates the racial divide that matched the resources and education divide in the city.


Inspiration Series: Feeling inferior

There are so many aspects of life that tonight’s quote touches on.  This could be family, friends, work, or even people you don’t know.  The point is this, don’t let anybody make you feel less than you are, which is amazing.   173 more words

Weight Loss

A surprising answer

We live in a time where women are becoming more and more independent. To those men that find this subject such a bore, please move on. 554 more words


An evening with friends I had not seen for months ended in disaster last night as I was forced to accept that I will never be anything beyond worthless. 186 more words


Mormon Feminism - Inequality May Not Be a Feeling, But Unwarranted Guilt Is Part 1

This topic, honestly may be brought up quite frequently, because of the “Ordain Women” movement. The reason I want to start here is because, recently, I was talking with a young woman who was married a couple years ago and had a baby (if I’m not mistaken) about a year ago. 648 more words


Escapism - reality or an illusion?



Escapism – an activity to combat depression or an act of escaping the reality; various definitions but one ultimate outcome – withdrawal.

There are writers, authors and some very positive thinkers who quote escapism to be a positive endeavor. 695 more words

Reflections on Arrogance.

Before you retire to bed each night during your personal cycle of Aries, take some time to reflect on the following questions and write down your responses in your journal. 176 more words