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Chromosomal Results

Finally my doctor notified me that the results were in. They had to call the lab and track down my report in order to get them, but they got them. 149 more words


iui no. 3. c'est bon c'est bon c'est bon.

This was written in late March and reading it makes me tear up a little, again so glad I kept a journal of this… how easily the hopeful heart forgets the heartache. 283 more words


The Perfect Family Picture

Laughing Your W ay Through Infertility: The Perfect Family Picture

Laughter is a powerful antidote to the challenges we face and the stress that accompanies them because it helps lighten our burdens, inspire hope, connect ourselves to others and best of all–keep us grounded.  397 more words


A different side of the luck equation

For so long, we’ve been on the wrong side of luck.

- 1 in 8 people experience infertility– CHECK

- 10% of those experiencing infertility are considered unexplained — CHECK… 645 more words


How do you take your eggs in the morning?

Fertilized! After a very grumpy and frustrated day with no call, I finally got the call this morning at 8:30 AM. The embryologist asks, “Did I call you? 219 more words


The Wisdom of Kristi

More than a few times along this HRTB blogging journey, I have been broken in such a way that required someone else putting me back together. 401 more words


~ Squashing the Green-Eyed Monster ~

At the beginning of July I wrote the post On Jealousy about my struggle with feeling jealous.

I am sad to say that since writing that post, I haven’t been wonderfully cured, but I have felt more aware of my jealous feelings and have been thinking about practical ways to deal with them. 568 more words