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Baby Dust

“Good luck and Baby Dust” is a common sign-off in fertility forums. I love the idea of “Baby Dust”- just sprinkle me with it and my wish of having a baby will come true! 566 more words


Mile Marker 1066 (IVF#2)

It is interesting to think about how different this IVF cycle is from our first in terms of emotions. My anxiety levels are almost non-existent this time around. 451 more words

In Vitro Fertilisation

Introducing Stump and Smoke

“Did you know we chose a donor?” I asked our friend Dee. Kellie was driving, Dee was riding shotgun, and I was in the cramped backseat of our truck. 696 more words


Feelings of Relief.

With Grandpa recovering and doing better, the biggest hump of the semester over, financial stress temporarily relieved, and the “go ahead” after the LEEP procedure – I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders.   246 more words

Our fundraiser shirt

We are financially stable and hoping IVF #2 works but we are planning ahead in case we have to do further IVF cycles or if we decide to adopt. 157 more words



This ride is just crazy. Crazy I tell you.

After our miscarriage – we mourned for awhile (it was much easier for me to process than the first missed miscarriage) and then I got my next cycle. 496 more words

Hysterectomy Countdown (4 Weeks)

Well I have 4 weeks until my hysterectomy. I have a peace about the surgery and I know that it is for the best but psychologically speaking I don’t know what to think. 178 more words