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Our fundraiser shirt

We are financially stable and hoping IVF #2 works but we are planning ahead in case we have to do further IVF cycles or if we decide to adopt. 157 more words



This ride is just crazy. Crazy I tell you.

After our miscarriage – we mourned for awhile (it was much easier for me to process than the first missed miscarriage) and then I got my next cycle. 496 more words

Hysterectomy Countdown (4 Weeks)

Well I have 4 weeks until my hysterectomy. I have a peace about the surgery and I know that it is for the best but psychologically speaking I don’t know what to think. 178 more words


Eat this, not that, just kidding, don't eat this or that

When I found out I was hypoglycemic, I changed up my diet and focused on reducing carbs and sugar and adding in healthy vegetables. The point was that I needed to eat a complex carb and a protein every two to three hours. 187 more words

Lets Be Real: Baby Envy

Let me take a moment to be real: If you’re facing fertility issues, you have mixed emotions about pregnancy announcements and babies. You just do. Well, I do, and i know I’m not alone. 854 more words


Just a little encouragement..

I came across this today and I wanted to share.   I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend and remember why we celebrate.  HE is risen!




Pâques (and pictures)

There are as many worlds as there are kinds of days, and as an opal changes its colors and its fire to match the nature of a day, so do I. 367 more words