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Walk With Me

I’ve been writing steadily about feeling isolated and displaced during my journey through infertility. But today this will be a story about community and about belonging. 837 more words


NaProTECHNOLOGY - More Effective than IVF

NaProTECHNOLOGY – More Effective than IVF

Today we’re going to be looking at NaProTECHNOLOGY, a shortened version of Natural Procreative Technology which is a branch of medicine called Restorative Reproductive Medicine. 749 more words


The Menstrual Cycle

This post was originally supposed to be about Day 3 blood work, but it turned into a really long rant about the phases of a normal menstrual cycle. 699 more words


A Buried Treasure of Emerging Seashells

The house had a seashell room.

The entire ceiling of a bedroom was decorated with a mosaic of seashells and mirrors.

Picture frames made of shells. 466 more words


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A stunning piece on infertility and the road to healing.

I'm Still Human.

It’s funny how people can make you feel less than human about not having children. Like it is a choice that I don’t have kids, or people assume I just don’t want kids because we have been married almost 4 years and don’t have any.  809 more words

Wonderful Wondofo

The line is almost gone! Since this was my first cycle with gonadatropins and trigger, I wanted to test out the trigger shot. This might be my ever only positive test! 235 more words

Annoyed- countdown 6 days til baseline for IVF try #2

So what else is new??

My sister who is only 22 just told me yesterday that she is pregnant again. Yes, again. Her daughter, my cute little niece, just turned 2, she is pregnant once again. 256 more words