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Seeing our babies for the first time.

Here is the video of our first ultrasound at 7 weeks. Watch our reaction to learning that our little baby is actually BABIES! We’re so thrilled and feel so blessed to finally be pregnant after years of trying, many failed infertility treatments, and our first round of IVF. This is truly a miracle.


Now I've Done Some Things In a Bathroom Stall, But *THIS*...

Where I am: CD10!
Medications: Ovidrel trigger, injected at 10pm!
Symptoms: dudes, my ovaries are achy as hell…

Oh my God, what a day.

Honestly, guys, I have this huge final project hanging over my head due next Wednesday and all I could think about on the train ride home from class was how bad I wanted to type this post. 867 more words


Transfer-Eve (FET)

It’s almost time, I can hardly wait! 12 hours from now I’ll be in the lobby of the doctor’s office eagerly anticipating the welcome of 2 little embryos. 189 more words


I'll see your infertility, and I'll raise you pity.

I feel like a bad human for complaining about my friends acting like good friends.

Recently, I discovered that some of my friends asked my husband how I was doing since finding out a mutual close friend of ours was pregnant. 138 more words

It's Been Two Years

Today is our Adoption Day, the second anniversary of the adoption of our children.

I am once again amazed at what happened that day two years ago. 900 more words


National Infertility Awareness Week - Another Marathon, Metaphorically

As part of this years theme “resolve to know more”, I dug up an old post I did awhile back as part of an analogy project in order to attempt to explain what infertility feels like. 935 more words


Resolve to Know More - Humor Me

It is said the laughter it the best medicine! It is so important as I struggle with the emotions and stress that go with infertility, to keep a sense of humor! 43 more words