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growing up and down

The day after I learned of my husband’s first affair, he’d already grown tired of being solicitous.

“It was all about you anyway,” he said, with a note of irritation. 1,816 more words

Adair Jones

The Troubles by U2

Somebody stepped inside your soul
Somebody stepped inside your soul
Little by little they robbed and stole
Till someone else was in control

You think it’s easier… 304 more words


Crying off my face again..

Okay that’s an extreme version of what exactly is going on physically.. but emotionally I feel that..

I told a pal I understand how I fuel the wrong fire.. 949 more words


Samuel was a photographer who used to closely work with Models. One of his model Lisa was very fond of him.

Samuel’s wife was a teacher and they had 2 kids.. 231 more words

I was made a punchline

Where to begin….not to draw attention to myself, I am going thru a divorce…imagine that…. but as I sit here, looking around my lonely house, I keep thinking “what the hell happened”. 1,114 more words


It's Been Awhile Since I've Said Hello

It’s been awhile since I’ve said Hello to my followers but I want to thank you for following my website and I want to let you know that I have been busy writing and publishing a new Children’s Book, Maxter The Magic Lion.  150 more words