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Tough Day...yep

I had a really hard, super tough kind of day.

Often, the minute I let my defenses down, along comes an assault on my spirit fully loaded with reminders of painful past events.  862 more words


Journey Out of the Window

Tonight, Andrew Squervil is visiting a crowded nightclub that he knows is a popular hangout spot for rich, single women. Andrew, who is not rich, is hoping to meet a rich, single, preferably beautiful woman who he could seduce and subsequently marry for her money. 1,279 more words


Ba humbug

I haven’t been a fan of the holidays since about 2002 when I noticed a significant change in how my family and I spent them. In particular, without the presence of a family I’ve known since the age of four. 532 more words

A Writer's Mind Is A Sinner To Himself

Self Esteem...Or Lack Thereof

The affair has really done a number on my self esteem. When my ex cheated, I didn’t care about the OW. I was so confident in myself that I knew he couldn’t have done better. 397 more words


Dream brings me back to reality

Every morning, I often remember several dreams I had. Like clockwork, I wake up this morning remembering my dreams and trying to figure out what they mean. 540 more words