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My Brave Heart

After any major life changing event, there comes a point where you either accept things or it slowly begins to define you.  We all know… 310 more words



As I sat on the couch filling out a questionnaire, I found myself looking around at the dark wood panelling left over from the 70’s and thinking, “I can’t believe I am actually sitting in this office.”  It was quiet, yet I could hear a faint buzz from the outdated fluorescent light bulbs above me.   717 more words


In the midst of life, kids, and love, I seemed to have lost myself.

The year before I had my first child, my relationship with my husband was at it’s all time best. Not only that, but my relationship with myself was at it’s all time best. 2,135 more words


Black Hole & A Gold Star

I started to read plenty waywards blog before i started mine but i stopped. Out of 6 there are only 2 who in my opinion really accept their mistake. 1,067 more words

She's A Homewrecker

I think this post may divide opinion and I have felt ambivalent about whether to blog about it. I think I felt if I did it gave what happened more importance than I wanted it to have. 1,337 more words

I've Created An Atom Bomb

He doesn’t know it… He has no idea… Not an inkling of a clue, but I’m cheating on him. He hasn’t met Ed, although I’ve talked about him before… To him, Ed is just an old friend… What he doesn’t realize is that I’m in love with Ed. 335 more words

Eating Disorder

#603: "I can't stop cheating on my perfect boyfriend."

Hi Captain:

I have been in a relationship with  my boyfriend now for 5 years. I met Leigh when I was 19, fell in love, grew up together, and last year bought a house together; we even had an engagement ceremony so our family would feel more at ease with us living together. 2,149 more words

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