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A weird turn of apathy and nervous as all get out!!

lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

Yeah it’s been a weird day. Talked with beautiful SIL and I’m so looking forward to seeing my SIL, BIL, and niece tomorrow. 1,488 more words


I will so get my ass kicked for this...

I have a question for all the APs out there.  Now, honestly all you BS… I am not asking if the APs are still in love, I am just curious and getting a poll, that’s all.  76 more words

CATH (DIARY) 21st August, 2014

Dear Cath,
I am stalking my neighbours.
It is a silly thing to do but it is so fun.
They are cheating on each other with different people even though they are married. 68 more words


You and I



– I don’t know if the new one does either J

I am excited too and thrilled about what can happen. I think when taking those decisions, I have to think about the best and not the worse. 2,635 more words

What if my Wife...

I think a logical question to ask a cheater is “What would you do or how would you feel if your spouse did this to you?” The question(s) put the cheater into the shoes of the betrayed spouse and has them imagine what it would feel like if their spouse had betrayed them. 427 more words

The Affair

Need To Know? Or Let It Go?

An infidelity friend asked today,

“Dear Addy, How important is it to know the details of what my cheating spouse has been up to after our discovery day? 499 more words


Our Journey

I write this to my husband on our anniversary:

There have been times

when the journey has been an uphill battle,

And at others a peaceful ride, 106 more words