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Lipstick Stains

Sitting here; lipstick stains smeared on napkins

Wondering if I’ll ever be enough

Pretty Enough

Thick Enough

Sexy Enough

Lipstick stains smeared on the rims of coffee cups… 122 more words


Ashley Madison

Since I’ve been thinking and blogging about Ashley Madison lately it got me thinking about all the random thoughts I’ve had about this site in the past year. 906 more words


Something I didn't count on...

Ok, so I’m coming up on my second d-day antiversary.  The first was the day I discovered he had an online account and was actively trying to hook up with other women.   535 more words


"ILY" "xoxo"

One of my friends sent me a text today:
“I am so proud of you. You looked great and that’s good to see again.”
But… 337 more words



Fighting a lot of urges tonight….. NO, Nephi – none of them have to do with Her either!  For now, I will have a glass of wine and hopefully 3-5 more.  18 more words

Are You Restoring a Marriage After Infidelity?

If you are restoring a marriage that has been tarnished by infidelity, I need to hear from you. Please take a moment to offer your input. 29 more words



I want to hate you
For all you’ve done
Destroyed me
Yet made me

I’m a monster
Built by your hands
You’re method of love… 76 more words