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Infinite Legos 3: "Hal and the Conversation Specialist"

In a short vignette, James Incandenza poses as a “Conversation Specialist” to attempt to interview Hal and trick him into talking to his father. JOI is unsuccessful in his efforts.

David Foster Wallace

Erasing Infinite Jest: Five Poetic Approaches

by Jenni B. Baker

In late 2013, I began creating erasure poetry page by page from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest as a memorial to an author whose death in 2009 had a tremendous impact on me. 763 more words


My Infinite Jest Diary


These are my personal notes on David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest (I’m well aware at how obnoxious this might seem). It’s a completely unedited “diary”, if you will, so I don’t assume anyone’s going to read the whole thing (it’s about 25 pages long, I think). 14,890 more words


Review: All the Light We Cannot See

Time to play some catch-up! Let’s see, last I left off was with the review of Bonfire of the Vanities. And after hefty load was removed, I started up on a recent publication,  1,051 more words


That other people

That other people can often see things about you that you yourself cannot see, even if those people are stupid.

— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest


That nobody who’s ever gotten

That nobody who’s ever gotten sufficiently addictively enslaved by a Substance to need to quit the Substance and has successfully quit it for a while and been straight and but then has for whatever reason gone back and picked up the Substance again has ever reported being glad that they did it, used the Substance again and gotten re-enslaved; not ever.
— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest