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Infinite Legos 1: "I am in here"

After the wonderful conference at Illinois State University this past May, I decided to continue my DFW-inspired Lego creations and begin my “Infinite Legos” project, and attempt to Lego my way through… 36 more words

David Foster Wallace

IJ 723-795: Teeth, the Moms, and more absences

So there’s a lot of teeth imagery going on here, and anxiety over losing teeth. Hal has been having dental nightmares (this is¬†known about for awhile), and Joelle is obsessed with brushing her teeth (she’s doing so when Gately is attacked) because the Ennet House Residents tell her that base cocaine rots away the teeth. 784 more words

David Foster Wallace

Infinite Jest Progress: Page 194

That sometimes human beings have to just sit in one place and, like, hurt. That you will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.

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DFW on Cynicism in the States

There are so many good quotes, a lot of them very funny, in Infinite Jest. But this one really sticks with me. Not only because it is filled with large words I don’t understand, but it really nails an idea of America that I haven’t seen expressed as eloquently elsewhere. 488 more words


Book 'em and Throw Away the Cliff Notes

Yes, I am still reading Infinite Jest … slowly but with sufficient interest that I assuredly will finish it in the near future (well, in the future, at least). 820 more words


Page 489, "as if the U.S.A. youth were not already more than fiberless enough"

I love how beautifully these insane plots and characters are all woven together. A quick thought for a fairly short section:

Um, well, OH NO, now I’m really worried about Hal and Pemulis et al because this cannot end well for them. 115 more words

Infinite Jest

IJ 651-723: seeing vs. being seen, the (ab)use of sincerity, and the apostrophe

DeLint says something interesting to Steeply: “Get Tavis in the right corner and he’ll tell you about seeing and being seen. These kids, the best of them are here to learn to see” (660). 1,417 more words

David Foster Wallace