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The Fire of Life

So much for consistency. I thought I was doing pretty well there, posting, not daily, but pretty steadily, getting the hang of things. I hadn’t told anyone I was doing this — I think my wife is still the only one I’ve even spoken to about it — so I could write just for myself. 827 more words

What passes for hip cynical transcendence of sentiment is really some kind of fear of being really human, since to be really human [...] is probably to be unavoidably sentimental and naïve and goo-prone and generally pathetic.

–David Foster Wallace Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace

(yohj) JUN (viv): S/S 15


My first thought when seeing Junya Watanabe’s S/S 15 collection at about the same time as the Comme des Garçons S/S 15 collection was that they were working off of the same page: both super red, both super weird, both super unexpected (but not really). 855 more words


Moment Magazine has learned that the tragic fate of the second North American citizen to receive a Jarvik IX Exterior Artificial Heart has, sadly, been kept from the North American people.

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Think Outside the Box | Mod Retro Vintage Decor Accessories | ModCloth.com

Late post here, but I was browsing Modcloth (as I love to do) when I came across this:

I’m in love. It’s a little bit Halloweeny a little bit Shakespeare and a little bit weird. 17 more words


Embracing the world

The story goes that two of the greatest composers of the late 19th-early 20th century, Gustav Mahler and Jean Sibelius, were talking about the symphony one day. 936 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Hope springs eternal

“‘Jesus what am I doing here. Bob Hope. Dope. Sinse. Stick. Grass. Smoke.’ She made a quick duBois-gesture with thumb and finger held to rounded lips. 56 more words