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HMAS Brisbane - It's a wrap!

HMAS Brisbane – It’s a wrap!

There’s something about dressing up that takes us to another world. It triggers your inner child, you almost instantaneously go into character, a character most of the time you never knew would come out so willingly by putting on an eye patch or by holding a sword… this is exactly what happened once attendees arrived at Specix’s HMAS Brisbane. 330 more words


A Thousand Beautiful Things

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival closes today, so be ready to go grab any last minute items needed. However all is not lost, because the Arcade opens tomorrow to sate your gacha thirst! 118 more words

We hear... Refreshed Infiniti Q50S to return to hydraulic steering


The Infiniti Q50S has been criticized for not being a suitable replacement for the G37 sedan (that Infiniti actually still sells), mainly in the driving dynamics and fun departments. 190 more words

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Infiniti QX70 - The SUV Motoring Journalists Just Can't Decide On...

Whether the QX70 receives a good review or not seems to depend on which side of the Atlantic it was written. American motoring journalists are much more positive – UK hacks give the SUV an ‘average’ rating at best. 151 more words


Stylish Indulgence: The Response Workplace Chair By Infiniti Design

Generating home or office workspaces entails merging engineering, creativity, and performance to build inspiring, vibrant environments. Present day workspaces have embraced versatile furnishings aspects to form milieus that support creativity. 14 more words


Oh Thank Hydraulic! Infiniti Q50S To Get G37-Derived Steering Program For 2016 by Auto Blog Via

If you, like us, have been disappointed in Infiniti’s aloof Q50 sedan as the ostensible replacement for the sporty G37—which, incidentally, Infiniti even now sells as the “Q40″ for 2015—we have excellent news. 36 more words

Infiniti QX70 - A Lesser-Seen Piece of Auto Erotica

Every time I visit London it’s a smorgasbord of auto erotica. There’s a Porsche parked in every street and last week I counted three Rolls-Royce in the space of a minute. 136 more words