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Happy anniversary Wendy

I’m not a great one for looking back, especially at the moment, I need to keep my eyes firmly fixed on a future (of some sort or another). 243 more words

Is it all potato salad?

Potato salad-the new internet rage! We can learn a lot from things like this and apply it to Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Potato Salad-when we think of potato salad, it is good thoughts-summer picnics, family BBQs, good dinners, and many different things. 332 more words

Breast Cancer

What made me think outside of looking for lumps

My story, which is really my Mom’s story started in October 13th, 2013. I found out that my Mom had breast cancer…and I thought it was just that breast cancer, but I was badly mistaken. 520 more words

Breast Cancer

My bleeding heart

So..back to the area previously known as right breast? The place from which I exuded a vast amount of blood on Tuesday? I realise that my heart isn’t on the right but in my head it seems to be anywhere and everywhere at present…right…left…on my sleeve…in the gutter…take your pick and call it poetic licence. 69 more words

Big breast, little breast

So…I have been quiet for the past few days because aside from things being about as bad as they could get on the personal front, my health was again giving me cause for concern. 422 more words

It’s funny how people react when you say “I have cancer again”. It almost sounds as though I have been careless or negligent and have let it back into my life through neglect. 900 more words

Tangling With Cancer

Hello, hello I'm back again...

Perhaps it’s not the most tasteful of blog titles with it’s unsavoury connection to Gary Glitter but it just pops into my head today while we drive home from the hospital. 627 more words

Tangling With Cancer