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Prognostication and soul searching

It was inevitable that taking a step out of the medical world for a week would result in a backlog, which is exactly how it’s been this week. 368 more words

There is a Need....a Great Need

Yesterday I had a very eye-opening experience. I was having lunch with a friend, Terry. We noticed a young lady sitting at the table next to ours, and she had on scrubs with the pink breast cancer ribbon. 538 more words

Breast Cancer

What Does "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" meant to you?

Before we all know it, Pinktober is going to rear its ugly head once again, and everywhere you look will be pink ribbons – from the grocery store, to chain restaurants and maybe a part of your downtown running path is now covered in… 1,841 more words

Breast Cancer

Why Research for Inflammatory Breast Cancer is so Important

I did this video to help explain why research for Inflammatory Breast Cancer is so important

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Storm in a teacup

Levels of anxiety had significantly risen overnight after being told “not to worry”. Yet another night of no sleep.  After a significant wait at clinic this morning I was ushered into the surgeon’s room, along with 2 nurses and a medical student. 360 more words

Signs and Symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

I was sitting in my home office furtively scratching a rash on my swollen left breast when an email arrived from an old friend. The subject line screamed, “URGENT WARNING! 588 more words

Cancer Treatment

Why Pink? There is nothing pink about cancer!

I attended a meeting last night with a “pink” organization that just turned my world upside down! There was so much that happened that it is even hard for me to get my thoughts straight, so the easiest way to do this is to make a bullet list: 621 more words

Breast Cancer