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I have been off the grid and off the wagon. It is hard following a strict diet during the holidays. It is also hard following a strict diet while changing jobs. 132 more words



So, yesterday, I finally went to the doctors because I have been having complications with my uterus, back ache, pelvic pains, and havent been able to go to the gym. 83 more words

Top 6 Inflammatory Foods (And How To Detox From Them!)

There are a multitude of diets to choose from, or exercise programs that run the body ragged. The simple truth is that our bodies weren’t meant to eat Lean Cuisine meals or to be engaged in hours and hours of intensive exercise. 559 more words


Types of Colonic Polyps + Genetic Susceptibility

  • Hyperplastic
    No malignant potential, smooth nipple like polyps, lower colon,90% of 60yo have them.
  • Hamartomatous
    • Juvenile – common in <5yo if more than 5 polyps = juvenile polyposis syndrome.
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An Interesting Brain Scan

I found this quite interesting, a brain scan apparently looking at the inflammatory response in relation to cortisol levels, being the stress hormone which causes our fight / flight response. 54 more words

Neutrophils and Eosinophils in the Acute Inflammatory Response

Neutrophils and eosinophils are both involved in the acute inflammatory response.

Neutrophils are often the first type of leukocyte recruited into the inflammatory exudate. They serve to phagocytose microbes, tumour cells and foreign material, as well as secrete the contents of their cytoplasmic granules to enhance the acute inflammatory response. 236 more words


"Rhupus", Still's Disease, injections. #lupus

I went to see my rheumatologist on Thursday. We talked about the Kenalog shot I had, and how it only helped my joints a little, and for a short time. 503 more words