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Inflammation and Muscle Recovery

When it comes  to athletic performance, 2 major departments of interest come to mind. They are energy’ and ‘recovery’. We all loathe for more energy to blast through our workouts and training sessions. 1,283 more words

It's just [put any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory here]

The answer to those chronic aches and pains?  Take a couple of ibuprofen every few hours.  Pain becomes manageable, life is better, right?

Well, maybe not. 154 more words


Fighting the Diseases

“I protect myself by refusing to know myself.”  - Floriano Martins

I finally can write… All I need is simply just time and the quietness in order to write.   621 more words

Alzheimer’s Disease, how can we prevent it?

Toxic inflammatory agents around us, coupled with our lifestyle and genes can influence the way our brain cells create memory tangles that lead to Alzheimer’s Disease, a brain degenerative disorder. 251 more words

Alzheimer's Disease


It’s been over a year since I stopped eating gluten and dairy. Or really, it’s been over a year since I “stopped eating” gluten and dairy. 455 more words


Payayayaya ~ Secret Skin Benefits (?)

Daily Skin Tip: Papaya! It’s definitely been in your facial scrub compound, but actually eating papaya has benefits of its own. This fruit is infused with vitamin C, which is turned into vitamin C serum for your cleansers. 49 more words