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Bank of Canada is considering digital money, official says

Bank of Canada is considering digital money, official says

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Even though the Bank of Canada is concerned about the economic risks of a deregulated currency like Bitcoin, it’s been looking into whether it could issue its own version of digital currency. 21 more words


I don't like this new I Bond interest rate, should I sell and invest elsewhere?

The Treasury announced this week that it is dropping the fixed rate on Series I Savings Bonds to 0.0% for new bonds sold through April 30, 2015, and lowering the inflation-adjusted rate for all I Bonds to 1.48% for six months. 711 more words

Investing In TIPS

Andreas auction of ten trillion dollars… for charity!


Between the efforts of Jason King and Andreas Antonopoulos, Coins in the Kingdom might secure it’s place as the most charitable Bitcoin conference of the year. 530 more words

Andreas Antonopoulos

Hyperinflation !!!

In general, when Inflation exceeds 50 % a month, it is termed as hyperinflation.

The classical equation MV=PT (where signs have their usual meanings) that depict money-price relationship can be used to understand the causes of hyperinflation. 194 more words


Which One: Inflation or Deflation

Many economists and pundits have predicted an economic collapse in the “not to distant” future. Some predict a deflationary collapse, while others predict an inflationary one. 1,267 more words