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A Eurozone Pick-Up? Three Key Insights

The Eurozone economy is showing more convincing signs of a pick-up that is more broad based and robust than anticipated. Obviously, a wide difference in conditions exists between European countries and fragmentation in their financial conditions still exist, but these are (slowly) receding. 682 more words


There's A Sucker (And A U.S. Taxpayer) Born Every Minute ...

The newspaper reported currently popular Internet scams and the sorts of folks who fall for them. The scams are all variations on ‘something for nothing’ and the suckers are the greedy or desperate (hard to tell the difference, sometimes) who convince themselves that somehow, this time is different. 573 more words


The Snake Oil of Inflation

Janet Yellen recently gave her first press conference as the new Fed Chair-person. Being the stalwart Keynesian that she is, emphasis was given on the Fed’s targeted inflation rate. 1,678 more words


Inflation "CPI | PPI"

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a yardstick used to measure the rate at which prices increase for a basket of goods for the average South African consumer. 365 more words


What's Inflation? It Depends on the Definition

One of today’s economic myths is that the money that the Federal Reserve has created through its quantitative easing programs has not found its way into the money supply, and, as a result, no significant inflation has occurred. 1,000 more words


The Infation Conversation: Part 2

Exploring the Disconnect

What are the reasons for the apparent disconnect between reported inflation and what consumers and businesses see at gas stations, the mall, the grocery store, and elsewhere? 1,126 more words

Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)

Yellen Infers Easy Money Strategy

With newly confirmed Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, investors often parse her testimony to gain insight on the future direction of interest rates.  In last week’s testimony, Yellen inferred that easy money policy is still plausible because labor markets remain… 282 more words

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