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Jim Willie (AGAIN) on Hyperinflation - They Know Chaos is Coming

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Jim Willie has been telling us for years that the system will collapse, that the endgame is arriving, that hyperinflation is coming, that purchasing power fill wall, and gold and silver will rise – and it’s all true – but the US government sure is skilled at delaying the inevitable by militarily bullying the world into continued use of our dollars. 235 more words


How to lie with scaling

Occasionally, things go exactly as I’d hoped. We’re discussing scaling in my Physics of Life class, starting with things like the scaling of volume and area with size. 337 more words


Week End Blog – China slowdown, Eurozone resilience and American windfall

Welcome to the Week End Blog. This week’s main macro number had to be Chinese GDP growth for Q3. Year-on-year GDP growth came in at 7.3%, slightly above expectations. 856 more words


Criticisms of Capitalism - Chapter 2 - Banks, Interest Rates and Inflation

Economic agents within a free market system operate such that each have a certain level of autonomy to act as they please, usually in order to maximise profit. 1,928 more words

Morning market madness, 24/10/2014 - Shake&bake buns!

Wow, the volatility these days, especially during the US opening hours!

The Nikkei 225 futures rallied almost 2% since their Tokyo close, fuelled by a yen drop of 1% largely off the back of good US employment data plus decent earnings from US corporates. 577 more words

Market Reflections

What to Do About Debt?

   By Bob Shapiro

According to Laurence Kotlikoff, economics professor at Boston University, the real, total National Debt including the “official” number, plus Agency debt, and plus unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare is around $225 Trillion. 544 more words

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