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Devaluation of Indian Currency

 Devaluation on modern monetary policy is a reduction in the value of a currency with respect to those goods, services or other monetary units for which that currency can be exchanged. 340 more words

Central Bank Policy

Winding down January - what "Economy"?


Overheard in passing “This drop in oil prices is going to destroy the economy”.  The heads all nod and the chins wag and the coffee goes down. 849 more words

Breaking Bad! WTI Crude Oil Falls Below $44, Inflation Keeps Dropping

West Texas Intermediate Crude oil just fell below $44. And The Fed’s 5 year forward breakeven inflation rate keeps falling with WTI crude oil prices. 10 more words


Per Capita Income Cannot Be Used To Compare How Wealthy A Country Has Become

I’ve seen some people used per capita income as an argument for how progressive an economy has been.  Nonetheless, these people could have been deluding themselves with this argument all along.   889 more words

Anything Goes

Crude still has further to fall

West Texas Crude has been falling since breaking support at $75/barrel, following through below $50/barrel. A test of 2009 lows at $30/barrel is likely unless there is major disruption to supply. 76 more words

Crude Oil & Natural Gas

Cuba Delivers Demands To White House - Return GITMO, Remove Embargo and Pay Us For The Suffering The U.S. Created

President Obama is more than willing to give Cuba each of the three demands, the only question is the timing for giving up GITMO – and the number of billions we give them… 349 more words

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Reparations for Cuba and none for the American blacks that were slaves. I bet that is also coming in the next two years.