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GUEST POST: Stocks 101

Now that we have touched on the foundation of investments namely: COMPOUND INTEREST, INFLATION and TIME, I hope that you have a better understanding of why it’s so important to start investing. 823 more words


Pennies Need To Go Die

:) I have a very strong opinion on this matter.

Pennies are absolutely worthless and getting rid of them is like the solution to all of our problems and it’s right in our freaking faces! 264 more words

The tobacco run

There are two sides to every argument. Two different bars in every twix packet. Two different parts of every town.

In the wake of the Windsor half marathon, with the Brighton marathon just months away, I stepped outside into the autumn evening for a 30 minute run to kick start my training. 658 more words


A Referendum on President Barack Hussein Obama

By Manny Destefano and Grier Haslam


At a speech President Obama delivered at Northwestern University, he said: 

“I am not on the ballot this fall. 369 more words


Four Reasons the Bernanke-Yellen Asset-Price Inflation May Be Nearing Its End

Source: The News Doctors, by Joseph T. Salerno

There are strong indications that the remarkable run up of asset prices in the last few years is beginning to run out of steam and may be on the verge of collapse. 323 more words