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Making a difference: Now.

I came across the following video via up-worthy which has a lot of different items shared on facebook these days. I thought it was worth referring to in a post when I watched it a couple of different times because it has a great message to it and also feels to me like it’s rather inspirational. 641 more words

Position Yourself Properly

Present yourself in the best possible light to people and you’ll position yourself to have a positive and productive relationship with them.  Malcolm Quillen


C'mon It'll Be Fun!

I remember when Kalli threw me my 17th birthday party. Her, Aaron, and the kids had recently moved in with us. I had stated many times that I didn’t want a party, but Kalli was reluctant and kept saying, “come on it’ll be fun!!” She made labels for water bottles, invitations, the whole she-bang. 47 more words


I Know This About Kalli

I know this, that when I think of Kalli, as heart breaking as this is, I want to be a better person. She is one of those special daughters of Heavenly Father that lived such a Christ centered life while here.

– Bill King (Lori’s dad)


The Most Influential Person, EVER - Award Badge Design

I’m stuck on a design I’m working for a re-design for the “Most Influential Blogger Award”. Well not exactly stuck, but it’s an interesting question : 369 more words


The Five Laws - Law #1

Some time ago Orrin Woodward pieced together what he calls the Five Laws of Decline.  It is the back bone to a book collaboration between him and Oliver DeMille called Leadershift regarding how we can turning things around here in the USA.   1,143 more words

Orrin Woodward