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Influencing Lot

The New Testament calls Lot righteous. (2Pet 2:8) However, in that same verse he is said to have been “vexed” day to day. I bet you feel like that too sometimes when you look around and see all the troubles, sins and evil that surround us. 571 more words

Borger Texas

Influenced by Anime: Long Influence List

Last Saturday I mentioned some of the video games that inspired me.  Today I’m moving on to anime, which are Japanese cartoons.

This is a longer list since I was introduced to anime around the same time I started creating Windemere.  584 more words

Factors Affecting Moral Development

Morality relates to standards that distinguish between right and wrong. When a child is as young as 2 years old, he is able to show morally based behaviors such as guilt, according to social worker Angela Oswalt on the Betty Hardwick Center’s website. 440 more words

Introducing a New Series: In Her Words

Happy Labor Day weekend, friends!

Today I’m excited to introduce a brand new series, entitled In Her Words, set to kick-off here as of this coming Wednesday, September 3! 412 more words


Behave & Be Blessed - 2 Chronicles 35 & 36

35:7-9 Leaders, model the behavior you want to see in your followers.

35:21 “…Do not interfere with God, who is with me, or He will destroy you.” NLT… 134 more words


Wake up! Sit up straight and pay attention!!!

“There was a gap between what went on in his mind and what came out of his mouth.”—James M. Cain

Sometimes it helps to have a poker face. 603 more words

Psychology And Sociology


Okay, okay, I can hear you saying, “But how in the hell does all of this relate to Turkey?” I’m getting there, just be patient. 581 more words