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The Influence of Images in Television

When I decided to go to school for film, my parents were supportive. They always have been, why should they stop now? Even as I decided to continue and go for my Master’s in Media & Cinema Studies, their devotion to me and my education was unwavering. 663 more words


Sorry! And "It's so easy to..."

Sorry for disappearing without warning, I had been on a trip to Taiwan. But anyway… that’s not really the main topic. Today’s thoughts, well…

It’s so easy to look at something and think to ourselves, “This is harmless. 225 more words

Rap's Influence

Rappers represent life incorrectly
Their gang lifestyle is pure fantasy
Got kids hooked like candy
Thinking the rap lifestyle is dandy
Kids sagging their pants to their knees… 411 more words


Interview with Richard Munao Founder and CEO Cult

Richard Munao founded Cult (formerly Corporate Culture) in 1997 with the goal to supply Australian designers with the very best furniture and products from local and overseas manufacturers. 588 more words

Interior Design

True leaders are [re]sponsor-able

Leadership implies authority and with authority comes responsibility. With great authority comes greater responsibility. Why? Because the greater the authority, the greater the number of people affected by a leaders action or inaction—positively or negatively. 224 more words


Ten Commandments to Financial Healing

I am ever so grateful for the wise words written and spoken by this lovely young woman Kemberly who blogs over at 21daysof.com. She has written the book in which I gleamed knowledge and understanding from. 7 more words


The Hand that Rocks the Cradle by Peter Black

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

by Peter Black

When considering spiritual formation, we consider the influence of our primary nurturers, and therefore the importance of our influence on the young. 410 more words