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Jamming and Nuances

The last band I was in didn’t jam. The drummer in the band wanted to hear a finished song with riffs and vocals before he even contemplated putting drums too it. 723 more words



Self-medicating, twisting seldom required with childproof brain.


Fresh Paint research

Figure 1. Fleming, S. (n.d). Treasure Hunters. Retrieved from http://www.artinstructionblog.com/watercolor-painting-lesson-painting-those-light-filled-days

This piece of work is done by Steven Fleming and had influenced my work of using fresh paint on my computer by the slight blending of the colours and the use of paint. 44 more words

Fresh Paint

The Swagger of GUN

As I have mentioned before, GUN are way underrated and way under-appreciated, it’s almost criminal.

In the beginning GUN got lumped in with the hard rock/glam rock style of bands. 849 more words


Gene The Werewolf

I just heard the “Rock N Roll Animal” album.

I dig it and I know nothing about them. That is the modern day business model. Back in the Eighties, we got the press releases, the interviews, the promo spots and the musicians appeared larger than life. 781 more words


Explore Distinctive And Unconventional Designs Influenced By Origami

The inspiration for a gorgeous piece of furniture can occur from everywhere and some things offer inspiration for more than just a single piece.For illustration, there is a multitude of household furniture pieces which have been influenced by the art of origami. 10 more words

Daily Ideas


Every aspect of this video’s construction was troubled. As a result, I feel like it’s not as good as I had envisioned. This is very upsetting, because I put so much foreplanning, effort and time into its production, but I suppose having something to watch is better than nothing. 276 more words