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When I’m a parent, I hope that I’m patient enough to constantly build up my kids. Personally, I’ve never had a very good experience with father-figures in my life. 495 more words


Now that there’s only a couple of weeks left before the year ends, I thought I’d do a post on influences. Not the kind that tells you what to do, but the kind that helps you along. 416 more words


Role Models

Unlike both my mother and my mother-in-law, I hope to remain physically active into my 70s and I don’t just mean mall walking or potting a few container plants come spring and fall. 433 more words



Vilka är mina största influenser? Well, Pink Floyd har betytt mycket för mig, obviously. De introducerade många av min generation för rymden i musikalisk version. Men vad ni kanske inte visste är att jag är något av en jazzkatt också. 272 more words

Astral Traveling

Monday Music: IMATEM - Haven

IMATEM – Haven, from the album Journey.  Synthpop/darkwave.

Since I like to share my favorite music but need to rein it in after last time… 269 more words


Who Am I These Days?

I just looked around and noticed a few details about my daily life that made me wonder who I’ve become.


What are these strange and silly pictures?

The images I’ve posted here are built from old comic books, some free-use fonts, and a couple other scans and findings. I have a resource stack of many out-of-copyright books that I’m practicing on. 404 more words