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For my blog tonight I want to talk about an article by Mike Kramer called Surround Yourself With the Positive. In this article Kramer talks about surrounding yourself with things that influence you in a positive way. 155 more words

I Hope It Lasts

Like many morons, I want to be a filmmaker (hahahahaha, sniff, sniff, cry, moan, bawl, question God’s existence, eat, cry, eat more, etc.) I try to watch as many films as I can but I know I don’t watch enough. 802 more words


Radio Influences - Ideas for Production.

There are a few radio shows and podcasts that I listen to that I think will help in the production of my package. 

Here’s is a short list of audio that has been influencing how I have been thinking about this production. 460 more words

Summative Unit HNC Radio

What do you see?

Have you ever really considered how you see the world? Why do you notice certain things and completely miss others? Why are you offended by some people and easily accept others by default? 354 more words

Reckless Pursuit

My Shelf of Writerly Essentials

Every writer has at least a few books he keeps handy for when he needs to quickly look up how some detail or phrase was written perfectly, or refer to a guide on formatting or development (plot, character, conflict, whatever), or even just to reread a story, chapter, page, poem, play that influenced him in a particular way. 2,273 more words


He called them giants and fought them with great chivalry in the name of his Dulcinea.

I speak, of course, of Don Quixote. A soul whose obsession with the way he wanted his life to be turned him mad. 307 more words


John Frusciante - Life's a Bath

I found this track on suggested videos on YouTube, and I cannot stop listening to it. Its a very short piece but holds so much emotion, expression and inspiration and the video to it suits it perfectly. 343 more words

James Chatfield