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But Virginia Woolf spent most of her life saying that the idea of biography is–to use a word she liked– poppycock. In her essays and diaries and fiction, in her reading of history, in her feminism, in her politics, “life-writing,” as she herself called it, was a perpetual preoccupation.

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Influences In The Game

We all listen to Hip Hop And we all know who is killing it right now and this is a debating topic that Everyone speaks about. 249 more words

BB2 Monthly Assessment: August

So, first of all…2014 is now 2/3 over. …Wow. That’s pretty crazy to think about! Especially when you’ve been through a decent amount of life lessons and situations throughout the past year. 737 more words

Life Journey Thoughts

A Work In Progress

I once had a boss, Dr. Ed, who was a well-respected accident reconstructionist. I worked for him for nearly fifteen years. He was a tall, deep-voiced, imposing man who tended to terrify people who didn’t know him—but in truth he was big hearted and caring, not to mention brilliant. 744 more words


I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night

It’s a Sunday morning which means a bit of music here on the blog.  I try to have something fitting the day and since we’re in the midst of the… 498 more words


My Favourite: Quotes.

Quotes are wonderful things. They encourage motivation and determination, whilst striving towards your own personal dreams. Quotes make me smile, they help me maintain positivity & they remind me that I just need to keep going. 484 more words


on reading & blogging.

I took five books — actual books, not the e-reader versions, because I might only pack a single carry on bag with me but you’d better be damn sure it houses an entire library inside it… 1,893 more words