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How to help someone with depression

I want to share this video from Kati Morton about how to help someone with depression. It is a short but powerful video and a great tool. 25 more words

Mental Health

How Do We Heal?

How do we start a healing journey? As with all kind of trauma, unfortunately, there is not a unique answer to this question… We all have different ways to heal and therapists use a variety of techniques in order to help us better. 114 more words


Great Agony

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou


How do adults deal with childhood trauma?

As adults we are expected to go on with our lives, leave the past in the past and just get over anything less than good. Unfortunately it is not always that easy. 115 more words


What Dreams May Come

Sixteen years ago I watched a movie that made me dig deep into my life. I consider myself someone who always finds meaning in everything. Every single thing I see, hear or feel, and watching a movie is not the exception. 458 more words


Wanted mentors: Dead or Alive

In the city of Florence Italy stands the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore with a massive dome, a masterpiece in its day, built without centering supporting (wooden framework to hold up dome while mortar dried), it took centuries before anyone could build a larger one. 517 more words


Why Sam Harris is better than you

Sam Harris is better than you for many reasons, but given that I cannot list them all here, I’ll simply settle for this list of 5: 206 more words