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United States and Canadian travel immunisation guidelines

The trip immunisation tips and recommenda­tions in the U. S. and Canada share many similarities with every different, and with the nationwide pointers of the UK and the world pointers of the WHO. 14 more words

Recommended UK paediatric and adult travel immunisation schedules

There are a number of national and international organisa­tions that publish travel immunisation guidelines. Guide­lines may vary due to conflicting medical evidence, differing expert opinions, and different national licensing standards, marketing arrangements and availability of vaccines. This c…

Virus infections in travellers – Influenza

Introduction and definitions
Influenza is a extremely infectious acute respiratory illness inflicting epidemics and pandemics during the arena.
Whereas it’s frequently a self-limiting illness, it may be compli­cated with the aid of bronchitis and secondary bacterial pneumonia, and in kids …

Flu Vaccine Mandates Work to Boost Immunization Rates

There is plenty of evidence that demonstrates the value of vaccines - from reducing hospitalizations and deaths to saving money.  And it’s frightening to imagine what… 547 more words

Preventable Diseases

Explainer: the 2014 flu vaccine

The Conversation Raina MacIntyre 17 March 2014

Influenza affects up to 15% of adults and 30% of children each flu season and early indications suggest we could be facing a severe season. 22 more words


Young at risk as flu strikes early at rates five times higher than normal

News.com.au 12 March 2013

EXPERTS are warning of an early flu season with a fivefold increase in cases for the first two months of the year. 33 more words


A must read if you have food allergies

If you have food allergies you are, most likely, very careful to avoid those allergens that cause you so much grief. But, did you know that there are allergens in medications, too?  313 more words