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What's Going on with the Flu Shot this Year?

By: S.C. Ali


One of the most popular medical topics this year so far is the ineffectiveness of the influenza vaccine (flu shot), especially compared to previous ones. 971 more words


UNITED KINGDOM: Flu cases 'highest for three years'

BBC News 8 January, 2015  James Gallagher

Flu is circulating at its highest level for three years, amid concerns the vaccine may be less effective. 41 more words


Thanks a Lot: When You Get the Flu This Winter, You Can Blame Anti-Vaxxers

We’re never going to modernize our outdated approach to preventing annual outbreaks as long as scientists remain stuck in nonsensical debates with the no-shots crowd. 520 more words
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Influenza Vaccine

Amidst the new requirements regarding the influenza vaccine we’d like to take this time to address some of your questions and concerns. As of January 2014, all children age 6 months to 5 years old that are currently enrolled in a city regulated childcare facility are required to be vaccinated against the influenza virus. 276 more words


The 2004 Flu Vaccine Shortage: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Our last posting told how the flu vaccine came to be produced in chicken eggs (1). In short, in 1931, at a time when virologists were still searching for fruitful means to cultivate viruses outside of a live laboratory animal, Ernest Goodpasture and Alice Woodruff developed a procedure to grow fowlpox virus in fertile (embryonated) chicken eggs. 1,629 more words


Influenza 2014: Are We Prepared?

(courtesy http://www.idsociety.org)

The flu season is just beginning

In the United States, the flu season typically spans from December to February.  About 25,000 people die each year in the US from flu-related complications.   933 more words

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Still time to Get a Flu Shot

Flu activity in the U.S. peaked last year during the week of Christmas. Since it takes up to two weeks for the shot to be effective, you should get one now! 287 more words