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Italy bans Novartis flu vaccine after suspicious deaths

English.news.cn 2014-11-28 04:53:05

ROME, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) — The Italian competent authority for drugs (AIFA) on Thursday blocked the use of two lots of a flu vaccine after three people died for reasons potentially linked to the drugs. 162 more words


Epidemiological and Clinical Reasons for Vaccination Against Pertussis and Influenza in Pregnant Women.

Vaccinations in pregnancy are an important aspect of prenatal care for improving both maternal health and neonatal outcomes. Despite the fact that protection against some infectious diseases for pregnant women can be easily provided through immunizations, current coverage rates are low. 112 more words


Microneedle patches could make a flu shot as simple as a Band-Aid

It’s that time of year again – influenza has begun making the rounds, wreaking havoc on our bodies and schedules as it starts its seasonal journey toward hospitalizing hundreds of thousands of us in the U.S. 986 more words

Influenza has arrived in Alberta; Albertans not yet immunized are at risk for disease

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Influenza has arrived in Alberta

Albertans not yet immunized are at risk for disease

EDMONTON – Influenza has arrived in Alberta, and Alberta Health Services (AHS) is reminding Albertans who have not yet been immunized this season that without immunization, they are at risk. 316 more words

Some flu viruses potentially more dangerous than others

EurekAlert November 18. 2014  Garth Hogan

WASHINGTON, DC – November 18, 2014 – Certain subtypes of avian influenza viruses have the potential to cause more severe disease in humans than other avian influenza subtypes and should be monitored carefully to prevent spread of disease, according to a study published this week in mBio®, the online open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology. 7 more words


Common Flu Shot Myths

  1. “I heard that the flu vaccine gives you the flu.” WebMD described that the injected flu vaccine contains a dead virus. The only type of vaccine that contains a living virus is the nasal spray.
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Homeopath threatens public health with fake flu clinic

As pseudoscience goes, homeopathy takes the cake for absurdity. It is an elaborate placebo system,  based on nonsensical ideas about biology, biochemistry and medicine. A decision to use homeopathy is a decision to do nothing at all, because homeopathic “remedies” have no medicinal ingredients in them at all. 1,069 more words