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St. Louis Avoids Second Wave of Flu

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - There’s a second wave of the flu now hitting New Jersey, Connecticut and New York.

So, how are we doing here? 245 more words


Chinese Herb Works as Well as Oseltamivir for Shortening Flu Duration

Public release date: 15-Aug-2011

The antiviral, oseltamivir has been used to reduce severity of and mortality from H1N1 influenza. In rural China, where there is limited access to medications such as oseltamivir, traditional Chinese medicine has been used to treat seasonal flu. 113 more words

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Image of the Day: Camp Funston

This photo depicts an influenza ward at Camp Funston in Kansas during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. This flu outbreak occurred between 1918 and 1920 and was one of the most deadly in history, infecting approximately 500 million people and killing 3-5% of the world population (50-100 million.) 49 more words



so finally after a long day and even longer night Luca and I came home from the hospital at about 2 am. they told us he has the flu and prescribed him some medicine. 42 more words

The Messy End of Science

Sometimes science gives us nice clear-cut answers. Director’s choice normally focusses on such studies. Today I focus on the opposite – the messy end of science, where standard statistical methods are too clunky to give a clear answer. 732 more words

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United States and Canadian travel immunisation guidelines

The trip immunisation tips and recommenda­tions in the U. S. and Canada share many similarities with every different, and with the nationwide pointers of the UK and the world pointers of the WHO. 14 more words

Recommended UK paediatric and adult travel immunisation schedules

There are a number of national and international organisa­tions that publish travel immunisation guidelines. Guide­lines may vary due to conflicting medical evidence, differing expert opinions, and different national licensing standards, marketing arrangements and availability of vaccines. This c…