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2.en.35 Predictions: A vision of the Future from those likely to invent it

Speaking and reading activity

Discussing predictions/ Expressing agreement and disagreement/ Providing arguments to support your views.  

In a  thought provoking  infographic  published by the New York Times… 257 more words


Effective Communication or Pedantry?

I am conscious that language teaching has had sparse coverage in the blog to date and thought I would go some way to redress that balance… 164 more words

Educational Technology & Mobile Learning (ETML)

Infographic : How Powerful is Your Passport

We may live in a world defined by invisible meta-data and the Cloud, but the roughly 3×5 inch paper booklet known as the passport still carries a lot of weight. 120 more words


Website Tired and Outdated? Here Are 5 Ways to Modernise

Is your website looking a bit old, tired and outdated? Looking for ways to modernise it and bring it into 2015?

Your website plays a crucial role in the impression you give to potential customers so if you want to stand out from your competitors a modern site can make all the difference. 26 more words


The SEO Technique You MUST Stop Using And What To Do Instead

Are you or your SEO Company using link building tactics as part of your SEO strategy? Want to know why you should stop it and what you should be doing instead? 60 more words