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It's Not His Fault If You Don't Call Right Now: Gene Snitsky's Doing Pressure Cooker Infomercials

What does the future hold for Gene Snitsky now that his WWE and very brief TNA careers are seemingly at an end? I suppose he could be the guy who makes the funnel cakes at the carnival. 359 more words


Sleeping on the Couch Tonight

droning dumb inside my head
angry swarm of bees


A General Moan

I have read many articles and accounts of how peoples back pain started. Many people say that they just woke up one morning in intense agony. 588 more words

Jaboody Dubs' New Infomercial Lip Dub Is Brutal And Foul-Mouthed Hilarity

(NSFW audio. No. Seriously. NSFW.)

The same cheeky bastard behind the absurd Guy Fieri lip dub is back with another of the foul-mouthed infomercial dubs we fell in love with an internet aeon ago. 120 more words