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Message Received: 5 Simple Steps to Make an Awesome Sales Pitch

What has blaring sound, garish colors, hammy acting,

and is worth billions?


In 2013, As-Seen-On-TV products like The Snuggie, the Shamwow, P90X and others earned over $5 billion, and many of us are their happy customers! 603 more words


The Brand is the Thing

We hear a lot about branding these days. A product or company’s brand consists of the many intangible factors that define it. Coca-Cola’s brand is an excellent example of this. 824 more words

Digital Signage: It’s everywhere..

Digital signage is a display of images, text and video in a digital format through a television or the internet to convey advertising in a public space (BusinessDictionary.com). 487 more words

It's Not His Fault If You Don't Call Right Now: Gene Snitsky's Doing Pressure Cooker Infomercials

What does the future hold for Gene Snitsky now that his WWE and very brief TNA careers are seemingly at an end? I suppose he could be the guy who makes the funnel cakes at the carnival. 359 more words


Sleeping on the Couch Tonight

droning dumb inside my head
angry swarm of bees


A General Moan

I have read many articles and accounts of how peoples back pain started. Many people say that they just woke up one morning in intense agony. 588 more words