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A General Moan

I have read many articles and accounts of how peoples back pain started. Many people say that they just woke up one morning in intense agony. 588 more words

Jaboody Dubs' New Infomercial Lip Dub Is Brutal And Foul-Mouthed Hilarity

(NSFW audio. No. Seriously. NSFW.)

The same cheeky bastard behind the absurd Guy Fieri lip dub is back with another of the foul-mouthed infomercial dubs we fell in love with an internet aeon ago. 120 more words


The Mattress Wedge

I think an infomercial just proved I’m an old lady at heart, and that I should really be named Ruth, or Maude. Tonight, while trying to ignore the most boring science show Gil is now obsessed with, my attention was ripped from my Instagram cruising by THE MATTRESS WEDGE. 520 more words


What you should know about Infomercial Production

Infomercials are 28 minutes and 30 seconds in length. A successful infomercial production starts with a great product. Mass appeal products that are highly demonstrable tend to work best in infomercials. 890 more words

Infomercials 101 Education

What is DRTV?
DRTV stands for Direct Response Television, which is synonymous for what most people call “infomercials”. It’s any television advertising that asks the viewer to take an immediate action, whether that is to order a product, visit a website, or call a toll free number for more information. 815 more words

10 Reasons that Infomercials Fail

Let me start by saying there are more than 10 reasons infomercials and short form spots fail. However, I wanted to outline some of the clearly avoidable (and- not-always-so-obvious) pitfalls where we see many product owners and companies stumble through this processes. 2,441 more words

In Which I Never Get What I Want

I’m not going to beat around the bush here.  I come from a strong tradition of women buying shit off of infomercials at all hours of the night.   368 more words