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The Fireside Chats: Written on Turkey Day

It is after 2 am. I am watching the tee-vee. A man with a mullet is trying to sell me a 168-piece set of knives. Most are clearly not for cucumbers, bread, or ham. 136 more words


The New [adult swim] Infomercial "Unedited Footage of a Bear" Is Deeply Unsettling

Last month, released the ingenious Too Many Cooks during their now-infamous, early-morning “Infomericals” block. The short received quite a bit of buzz on the internet, and many wondered how the network would ever be able to match the success of Casper Kelly’s bizarre pseudo-parody of early ’90s sitcoms. 67 more words


Unedited Footage of A Bear

For the past fourteen years, Adult Swim (Cartoon Networks for the college crowd) has broadcast some insane, mind bending cartoons and short films but it’s entirely possible that they may have broadcast the most insane one yet. 195 more words

Sarah McLachlan Ruined My Breakfast (Again)

Okay, so what’s worse than going to bed really late, only to fall asleep even later, but not before having to set your alarm for 5 a.m. 480 more words


How To Get Your Own Late-Night Infomercial

We’ve got ourselves a unique situation here. As it is with anything you’re passionate about, you tend to gravitate towards all things related to that passion, and whether or not you agree, it can either be a conscious thing or a subconscious thing depending on how aware you are of your surroundings. 288 more words


Working with Ricky

Over a year ago, Life with Ricky was written by Judy Coon and published on Uniting Caregivers. At that time, her friend and co-worker shared with me a story he wrote for a school assignment in August 2010. 1,085 more words

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