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In an Alternate Universe...

…filled with incompetent people, who are incapable of executing the most basic of tasks…


Best Infomercial Fails

Late night infomercials are so amazing. They make it seem like people are beyond dumb and cant’ complete the simplest task, thus is their pitch for you to buy their product. 33 more words


Ironman Football 3-2-2-4 Infomercial

Spoof on the Baseball World/Tom Imanski/Fred McGriff videos including guest appearances by Shane Sams of Coach XO, and Joe Daniel of football-defense.com (they’re not really in the video). 6 more words


Patently Ridiculous

I’m a natural-born inventor. In fact, one of my favorite activities is lying on the couch, staring into space, and dreaming up indispensable products that consumers won’t be able to resist. 1,032 more words

In Over My Head

And If You Order Now...Part 2

Some time ago we supposed, “We believe that with two you have a spare.  With three you have a collection.” (See ‘With Three You Get Collections,’ 479 more words

House And Home

The Hose and the Frying Pan

I was lying in bed at around 3am last night and found myself struggling to fall asleep. (By struggling to fall asleep I mean struggling to close my laptop and actually trying to sleep). 318 more words


CTV Ottawa is now a big fat plug for Bell Fibe

When did CTV Ottawa news become one big shameless plug for Bell Canada?