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InfoPath Form in SharePoint 2013: Part 2 (Form Settings)

As in my last article we saw all the functionalities related to our forms through Info Path. Now in this article I will show you the settings of InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2013. 747 more words

InfoPath Form in SharePoint 2013: Part 1 (Forms)


Hello everyone, in this article we will see InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2013.

So without taking much of your time, let’s go for it. 1,038 more words

The Future of SharePoint Server

I came across an interesting article by Cameron Dwyer. In it he looks at the future of the SharePoint brand. As any SP admin knows, Microsoft has been really pushing the cloud-based technology of the 365 suite, which currently includes a limited version of SharePoint. 80 more words


InfoPath Analyzer is open source now.

Well, finally I made this decision. The source code is now hosted on github. There are couple of reasons for opening the source code of IA: 96 more words


Create cascading drop down in SharePoint with Infopath

We want to make 2 lists in SharePoint,

List 1:
– Title

List 2:
Sub Category
– Title
– Lookup to Category (title)

Go to InfoPath… 121 more words


Property Promotion to make editable fields from InfoPath Form

When the fields promoted do not become editable even after uploading the form multiple times, follow the steps given below:

InfoPath Forms

Deploying InfoPath form using Command Prompt

Many a times it is required to deploy infopath form using code. Here are the steps that describe the same.

Run command prompt with “Run as administrator” 156 more words