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Tangible Media Group's inFORM - The Future of Cramped Living Spaces?

Almost a year ago MIT’s Tangible Media Group released this video demonstrating a new project called inFORM which could:

“render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way.”

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Don't Be Argumentative And Ill-Informed.

I fully support political debates. I think it keeps people interested in what is going on around them, although finding a source that isn’t biased is extremely tough for me. 449 more words

Life Education

TIL Thursday: Get Some Headspace

On Monday, our weekly Kinspiration featured a TED Talk on the benefits of practicing mindfulness through taking meaningful photos, but how does that actually work? And how can a busy parent like yourself… 322 more words


The Shapeshifting technology by MIT. Just Amazing.

We live in an age of touch-screen interfaces, but what will the UIs of the future look like? Will they continue to be made up of ghostly pixels, or will they be made of atoms that you can reach out and touch? 431 more words


How to Handle Difficult People?

Some of us are temperamental. They’re irritable about a lot of things. If you look or talk different, they complain. The weather is beautiful. No, it’s cold. 285 more words

Form & Transform

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”

  Wayne Dyer


Forms define our existence and our extensions. There are different forms and each has a meaningful manifestation. 612 more words


TIL Thursday: For Needle-Phobes, A Nasal Spray

By Alice G. Walton, PhD

If your kids fear needles like the plague, good news from the CDC should bolster your spirits:

The experts now say that the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine is even…

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