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The Shapeshifting technology by MIT. Just Amazing.

We live in an age of touch-screen interfaces, but what will the UIs of the future look like? Will they continue to be made up of ghostly pixels, or will they be made of atoms that you can reach out and touch? 431 more words


How to Handle Difficult People?

Some of us are temperamental. They’re irritable about a lot of things. If you look or talk different, they complain. The weather is beautiful. No, it’s cold. 285 more words

Form & Transform

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”

  Wayne Dyer


Forms define our existence and our extensions. There are different forms and each has a meaningful manifestation. 612 more words


TIL Thursday: For Needle-Phobes, A Nasal Spray

By Alice G. Walton, PhD

If your kids fear needles like the plague, good news from the CDC should bolster your spirits:

The experts now say that the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine is even…

522 more words

TIL Thursday: Sunscreen 101

4th of July weekends are never complete without lots of time spent in the sun. Follow these suggestions to protect you and your family from sunburn this weekend (and the rest of summer!): 276 more words


Wanna Be A Superblogger? I’ll Inform You How!

My least favourite part of school was any kind of public speaking. I’d do anything at all I could probably feel of to stay away from it. 41 more words

Wedding Dress Models

SLA Student Chapter Mentioned in the New Inform Magazine

Posted by Mike G., January 31st, 2012

If you missed it you can check it out here. (It’s on page 19.)

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