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Join the fun! An ethnography of fun and subcultural entrepreneurship in the skateboarding scene of Puebla, Mexico

By Kaj Dekker

Scene 1: Another sunny day at the Xonaca skate park in Puebla, Mexico. People are skateboarding, filming or having conversations while secretly sharing… 16,218 more words

Work And Aspirations

Bogota's Nobodies

If you have spent time in the city on week days, you will notice men in blue or grey overalls walking around with a tool box and a stool. 564 more words


Collapsing Tenements: (Yet) another Rude Awakening for Nairobi?

Image: Collapsed Makongeni Flat, Nairobi

Image Source: KISSFM (2014)

Housing quality, especially for rental low-cost housing, in Nairobi remains an important policy issue. Yet, looking back the years, the city hasn’t taken pride in substantive interventions. 1,301 more words

Informal Economy

Urban Village

In teaching the first year intro to urban planning and design, I realized that the term “urban village” has at least three quite distinct meanings depending on what country you start from.   668 more words

Our impact over 2014

- Avoided 348.567 candles from being burned
– Provided an average of 4775 beneficiaries with a clean safe and brighter light then
– Provided an income for 15 franchisees… 20 more words