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'Small Towns': Kenya's Future 'Cities'?

What will the fast growing small centres/towns in largely rural areas look like in the next coming decades?

Just like the intermediate cities, most of them seem to have taken-off grounded on weak foundations; severe deficiency of infrastructure, poor housing and construction standards, environmental degradation, emerging slum formations, and overall lack of urban planning etc. 523 more words

Informal Economy

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“Empowerment for better livelihoods, including skills development and vocational and education training (VET), for marginalised and vulnerable persons, and people dependent on the informal economy” (AAP 2013) 1,000 more words

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What is a Nation?

Nationalism, and National Identity, have long been a passion of mine.  But whatever of its role in defining personal and community identity, as a structure it is in flux.   427 more words

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Taxis: Misunderstood and unappreciated say Alexander Hazen and Sabine Siller.

Perhaps only as outsiders is it possible to grasp the positive features of the SA taxi system.

To Europeans, the initial perception of the minibus taxi service in South Africa is similar to the one spread throughout the country: dangerous, uncomfortable and inefficient. 913 more words

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Human trafficking and economics

I’m not a “math guy” but this makes no sense to me.  The figure bandied about for smuggling a person through Mexico to the United States has been… 295 more words

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