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An insider look at the SA taxi industry from taxi financier Transaction Capital

For all that we talk about small business in South Africa, we often overlook one of the most prominent small business sectors in the country – the informal taxi industry. 1,984 more words

Informal Economy

"UnfairBnB" from Antigravity Magazine

I disagree with the writers’ stance that airbnb causes rentals to be unavailable to residents. As someone who believes in the informal economy, I have used it quite often in my travels. 475 more words

French Quarter

Book Review- Hernando De Soto's The Other Path

In Hernando De Soto’s book, The Other Path, he argues that a leading cause of Peru’s economic and terrorist problems stem from the difficulty of joining the formal market for things like transportation, forming a business, and even acquiring housing.  741 more words

No WUF for informal workers?

Inclusive Cities reports: “3 informal economy workers have been denied transit visas through Spain needed to make their way to Medellin, Colombia, where they were slated to speak at Inclusive Cities’ and WIEGO events during the World Urban Forum 7 from April 5-11. 70 more words


System D, and the importance of the relationship between Governments and Informal Markets

System D is the shadow, or informal market that is unregulated by governments.  The term, System D, comes from a French word that refers to the skill or ability to manage in any situation.  770 more words

Noise in the Neighborhood, Part 2

Okay, in my last post may be I was a little frustrated by the noise in the neighborhood during the morning hours. Some of you may be thinking “if you don’t like, why don’t you just go home Yankee!” And yes, I agree. 413 more words


Nairobi: 'by the mercy of matatus'

(Image Courtesy of http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/73383000/jpg/_73383126_dsc00597.jpg)

Wednesday, the 5th March-2014, was yet another wake-up call for the city of Nairobi. The message was crystal clear, as it is always, when this happens; still Nairobi  lacks an efficient and above all, reliable public transport system. 398 more words

Informal Economy