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Learning togheter and alone

Learning together alone is a 1987 book every teacher should read at the beginning of their career. The subject of the book is how to use appropriate cooperative, competitive, and individualistic learning for better teaching.The authors’ point is that current school is wrong about teaching only through competition (i.e., who is performing better, who got the best grade, and so on) as most careers do not expect people sit in rows and compete with colleagues without interacting with them. 164 more words

Informal Learning

How to Avoid the Waste-of-Time Meeting

Meetings can be a huge waste of time – no news there. There are too many and they are frequently badly managed. They may run over, be boring, lack focus, rigor and alignment. 331 more words


Pachinko, Buckyballs and Atomic Collision

Last week I posted an uncharacteristically physics-themed post. I really should not use analogies that I don’t fully understand. But, in the spirit of learning as I work, I’m going to double down on physics analogies, and continue the chain of thought I started. 982 more words

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Informal learning and Art

Art is at the heart of our culture (that’s why I like to teach about it’s link with technology). However sometimes is not so easy to involve young generations when talking about museums… That’s why we created… 97 more words

Serious Games


Crisis management is not only a problem for emergency workers but also for normal citizens. For this reason we decided to create a mobile game to teach people how to behave during flooding. 174 more words

Serious Games

Don't Panic

In 2012 I was working as Post-Doc researcher in the Teseo Lab at IDI-NTNU in Trondheim (Norway) and part of my work was related to the European project… 381 more words

Serious Games

Essential Skills - Learning in a digital, interfaced world

I have talked a number of times now about the concept of Interfaced Learning and as part of the discussions about this concept with a number of my greatly appreciated comment providers, one of the prime discussions has been around the concept of essential skills.   432 more words