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The Differences between MOOC State and The No-Pay MBA

When I decided to start this blog, I knew there would be a lot of comparisons drawn between my project and Laurie Pickard’s No-Pay MBA… 565 more words


Course Review: Saylor's Introduction to Computer Science I

Like every other Saylor class I’ve taken, Introduction to Computer Science I starts out at a VERY basic level. For most people, the first sub-unit can probably be skipped without any effect on your learning. 332 more words


Resource Review: SlideRule

I love SlideRule. Of all of the MOOC directories out there, I think this one is the best. The Course Finder has over 18,000 MOOCs for you to search. 308 more words


Resource Review: Degreed.com

I’ve only started using Degreed, but I do find it to be very useful. Degreed allows you to gather and track all of your formal and informal learning in one easy location.  144 more words


Note to Self: How 'bout a note to all?

We gather for our meeting. Some pull out laptop computers, others prefer pen and paper. We talk over our projects, progress, next steps, risk factors. It’s a scene that plays out every day, to the point where we barely think through the opportunity that each meeting might represent. 641 more words

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Innovation through Cross-Fertilization

For most of American history, the rhythms of everyday life served to facilitate intellectual cross-fertilization. From colonial villages to frontier towns, and from urban tenements to first-ring suburbs, American life was long centered uniquely on what Tocqueville and others termed “townships.” Yes, distinctions like race and ethnicity divided society, but while Europeans defined themselves by social class, Americans were much more focused on the neighbors who lived and worked nearby.

284 more words
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Social media and the Ferguson protests

Officer Darren Wilson did not kill Michael Brown. Our culture did.

Social media has facilitated the Ferguson protests stemming from the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. 386 more words

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