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Mobile Informal Learning: Sis-in-Law Needs Help Please

Hi everyone,

My sister-in-law Allison…well, she and my brother divorced, but it was an amicable …is getting her PhD in Human Resource Development from the University of Illinois. 192 more words


WonderWOL: Why Work Out Loud?

Next week, November 17 to 21 is International Working Out Loud Week (WOL Week). Education Northwest, my organization, is one that has struggled at times to identify and implement the best ways to share knowledge and increase transparency across areas of work. 617 more words

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Collaborative Informal / Formal Learning

Learning in the XXI Century brings unprecedented challenges an opportunities. This human era requires a different approach to education.

One that is able to understand that information is not the center of education anymore, that caring about our planet is not optional anymore, that fully embracing the benefits of technology to create an engaging personal learning experience is mandatory, and finally, one that builds upon the relevant role models that attract a generation that values and behaves under the “VUCA” (Volatile, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Abigiuity) environment. 115 more words

Caring About The Planet


#Learning is being transformed in many different dimensions as never. I have been exposed to this #transformation under quite unique and #innovative perspectives that, together build up a relevant experience difficult to match. 112 more words

Caring About The Planet

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson did what on stage?!

When I saw that Neil deGrasse Tyson was to be the keynote speaker at DevLearn2014, I thought it was an odd choice. A pleasant surprise, certainly, but in my mind I struggled to imagine how his ideas on space and time would set the tone of our eLearning conference. 458 more words

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My digital me

Only a few weeks ago I came across an apparently strong concept in our digitalized world: PLN – a Personal Learning Network. The concept was new to me, but I guessed it had to do with finding the people, institutions, newspapers, conferences, webpages, blogs etc. 760 more words

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Learning togheter and alone

Learning together alone is a 1987 book every teacher should read at the beginning of their career. The subject of the book is how to use appropriate cooperative, competitive, and individualistic learning for better teaching.The authors’ point is that current school is wrong about teaching only through competition (i.e., who is performing better, who got the best grade, and so on) as most careers do not expect people sit in rows and compete with colleagues without interacting with them. 164 more words

Informal Learning