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Essential Skills - Learning in a digital, interfaced world

I have talked a number of times now about the concept of Interfaced Learning and as part of the discussions about this concept with a number of my greatly appreciated comment providers, one of the prime discussions has been around the concept of essential skills.   432 more words


Educational technology and pedagogical use of ICT (Portfolio Assignment- 4)

Social media based Personal Learning Environment

Learners generally use different types of technologies to find out information or ways to solve a particular problem, or often to meet their curiosity. 841 more words

Introduction To LET

Interesting extra information on the 70-20-10 myth

I really love blogging, and this reaction on my earlier post on the 70-20-10 myth with extra information by Michelle is an example why I like blogging so much: 320 more words


Benjamin D Carmel reblogged this on In the Learning Age and commented:

This is an interesting discussion. I still believe that the 70-20-10 structure is a good way to get folks who have historically relied on formal programs exclusively to think in new ways about their training needs. Informal learning -- and developing a culture that honors it and skills for individuals to capture and retrieve it -- is crucial in our always-on, data-driven workplaces. However, the writer here is correct that those numbers seem arbitrary and are probably meaningless. So, I guess I ride the fence on this debate, but am very interested to see more thought and research in learning, formal and informal.

So, you want to know how to create a successful Informal Learning Environment internally?

Here are the key criteria we discovered from our recent research, for successfully adopting informal learning within your organization:

Communications- Communications is vital for the embedding of informal learning within organizations. 937 more words

Informal Learning

Personal and Professional Blog 4th October 2014
Most of my blogs are ‘fresh minted’ but I wanted to use something I’ve written early in the week as the basis of this week’s blog. 884 more words

Neopets: The Start of It All

The other day at my internship my supervisor and I were having an informal chat about the various ways we had come to learn what we know via technology. 684 more words


Acquire - Utilise - Disacquire; The essence of Interfaced Learning

“The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”- Alvin Toffler… 760 more words

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