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Video Of The Week: Opening Keynote Of The Women’s Entrepreneur Festival http://iusoic.us/1JDM5np

article title: Video Of The Week: Opening Keynote Of The Women’s Entrepreneur Festival
article url: http://iusoic.us/1JDM5np
source title: AVC
source url: http://avc.com

The Gotham Gal and her friend Nancy Hechinger have put on the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival for five years now. 39 more words


IMIA Yearbook on PubMed Central

On behalf of the Editorial Team, IMIA and the publishers, Prof. Christoph Lehmann, IMIA VP Services, is pleased to announce that the IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics is available on PubMed Central. 62 more words


Little to do list for the next 5 days

I promise I promise I promise to myself to do the following:

  1. Format my root partition and migrate from Scientific Linux to Archlinux
    (which is a pain in the *** since I use lvm2)
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Implementing TeX's Algorithms: Looking Back at 30 Years of Programming http://iusoic.us/1BQVJjp

article title: Implementing TeX’s Algorithms: Looking Back at Thirty Years of Programming
article url: http://iusoic.us/1BQVJjp
source title: Planet Clojure
source url: http://iusoic.us/1AULpJi


Developing products that will shape people’s lives http://iusoic.us/18c3eJb

article title: Presentation: Redefine 2014: Opening Speech
article url: http://iusoic.us/18c3eJb
source title: InfoQ
source url: http://www.infoq.com

David Gauquelin keynotes on the role played by designers in imagining, building, and developing the products that will shape people’s lives in this new interconnected world.

By David Gauquelin


A @Cluetrain listicle http://iusoic.us/1AH6kRk

article title: A Cluetrain listicle
article url: http://iusoic.us/1AH6kRk
source title: Scripting News
source url: http://iusoic.us/1AH6mZq

The first Monday in the new year, I went for a walk and lunch with Doc Searls here in New York. 305 more words


AMIA 2015 Call for Participation and Reviewers

Christoph U. Lehmann, MD, FAAP, FACMI, Chair of the AMIA2015 Scientific Program Committee, together with Vice Chairs Sarah Ingersoll, MS, MBA, and Riccardo Bellazzi, PhD, FACMI, invite all informatics researchers, practitioners, professionals, students, trainees, friends, and colleagues to participate in and attend the AMIA 2015 Annual Symposium fueled by the Power of Informatics! 192 more words