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Changing from a character variable into numeric in SAS

Changes must be in a data-step.

If you are recoding an existing variable, you may need to come back in and rename the new variable (NUMERIC_var) back to the original (CHAR_var) name so as to be consistent with your variable dictionary. 68 more words



Autoimmunity-induced condition resulting in a decrease in secretion of the adrenal cortex hormones, decreased physiologic response to stress, vascular insufficiency, and hypoglycemia can cause an alteration in adrenal androgen secretion necessary for secondary sex characteristics. 82 more words

Pioneering work helps to join the dots across the known universe… and the human brain

Compressive sensing is a recent breakthrough in information theory that has the potential to revolutionise the acquisition and analysis of data in many fields. We recently secured grants from the UK research councils to develop compressive sensing techniques to address the challenge of extracting meaningful information from big-data. 109 more words


Janus supercomputer bootcamp: December 5th

The upcoming Janus supercomputer AMC boot camp is Friday, December 5th @ 10am at Ed2 South L-28-2305.  The Janus supercomputer is a shared resource available to UCD researchers and students at no cost.  57 more words


"Myth of AI" [Jaron Lanier / edge.org]

Via Phil Ebersole:

Here an interesting 39 minute video by computer scientist (and writer etc) Jaron Lanier, that touches on the mixed feelings and confusion so many of us have about google/apple/facebook/amazon taking over such economic power — the feeling that something seems a little strange about the “new economy” where the best and brightest are all off to make cel phone apps, etc.  26 more words

Eye Benders wins The Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize...

A little while back in May, we wrote about Eye Benders:the science of seeing and believing – a book about optical illusions by Clive Gifford where our very own Professor Anil Seth, who is co-Director of the  233 more words


Can Film Show the Invisible by Christian Suhr and Rane Willerslev Discussion Questions

1. What do the authors mean when they say there’s “an invisible” that film can show?

They are discussing if observational films have the ability to show what we as viewers do not see, or the “invisible” of a person’s life. 450 more words