What Airsoft gun should I buy?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions among new Airsofters and guys interested in the sport!

Well this all depends on more than “what you like the look of”. 690 more words


Lupus and Children

Lupus is difficult to diagnosis in adults imagine being a child with symptoms. Children with lupus would have to avoid playing in the sun and wearing protective clothes. 842 more words

Lupus Walk

Cra-z-loom creatures

I created these animals with my Cra-z-loom because I don’t really wear the bracelets and at least with animals you can do more things with them.I have made more animals but these two are definitely the most impressive. 10 more words


Mussel Dissection

As a practical close to our habitats and classification topic the children carried out a dissection on Friday. The focus of our habitats topic was the sea shore and so our dissection was of the common mussel… 102 more words



The Games of Personal Advancement and Development (G-PADs)- What are the Games of Personal Advancement and Development?

The Games of Personal Advancement and Development (a.k.a. … 349 more words

Many people settle on various ideas before fully exploring them.

They settle because certain things sound good. Then, these same people who settle often look for other ideas that only support their viewpoint instead of looking at all viewpoints.

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Getting the message across

Earlier in the term Laurel Class were learning about the importance of sustainability in science. As a part of this the children came up with the idea that we could design some slogans and road signs to try and deter people from throwing litter out of their car windows. 172 more words