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Bridging the Digital Divide

1. Why does the digital divide matter to children and their families?

  • The digital divide matters to children and families because of the competitive edge is gives, educationally, to the privileged children.
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One giant leap?

If All Change Please!‘s recent One small step post suggested that the way forward for education was to try to get traditional and progressive teachers to try and come to a better understanding of what each are doing, then what would One giant leap for Schoolkind be like? 683 more words

General Rants And Raves

Fried Brain

New Daily Post that caught my attention:

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein

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Non-fiction Writings

The Information Age: Use Your Google

If we are living in the information age, how are we still so ill informed about


And if we fancy ourselves progressive and open-minded, why do we refuse open dialogue with people of opposing viewpoints? 453 more words

Duck Dynasty

A Teacher's Thoughts on the Future of Education

I am a 23 year old English graduate who has spent the last two years of his working life arsing around in different countries and trying to write, but if I have to pick a career that defines me, right now, I would call myself a ‘teacher’. 763 more words

Comment Is Free


Dave Olson is the author of the latest book published by Patos Island Press, Bonded by Water. A few days ago he sent a note, by e-mail of course, reporting that a prospective reader had found nothing about his book on the… 436 more words


September Feast.

Conversation is an art.  It is a very communally dependent art.  How do we grow in our appreciation for and skill in delightful conversation?

Our September feasters came ready to take on a conversation about … well… conversation.  415 more words

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