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Will you see The Rise Of The Smart Creative in 2015

A Smart Creative is a perfect employee for the information age. Learn more about the type of employee that will be coming to your workplace soon.

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Service Design, Service Management

Digital Literacy: Final Reflection

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is an additional component to be considered in educating global citizens for an increasingly connected Digital World.

Digital Literacy, in my opinion, encompasses these core abilities: 791 more words


A Lost World

There was a time, not too long ago, before the ubiquitous mayhem of media and instantaneous information, where imagination ruled. It was a time when dreams inspired travel and the exploration of other cultures and lands. 279 more words

Visualizations & Vaccinations

Times are changing. My grandfather lived in the Industrial Age, and was part of the union movement (for newspaper workers, coincidentally). But his time is closing, and it has been for a while. 366 more words

My-Work Mondays

Inequality in the "New Machine Age"

“My biggest worry is that we’re creating a world where we’re going to have glittering technologies in a kind of shabby society and supported by an economy that generates inequality instead of opportunity.” ~ Andrew McAfee…

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Why reading this can be harmful

Life is something to be fully immersed and alive in…. Our digital information age is creating slaves out of self-reflecting humans. We give our self-reflection to our social conditioning. 134 more words

Personal Evolution

Week 10_ Telestar [Science Museum London]

On July 23, 1962 Telestar, the world’s first active communications satellite was launched by NASA. Telestar was a a spherical satellite only the size of a large beach ball that beamed live transatlantic video into viewers’ living rooms for the first time. 280 more words

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