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JS Lovefield & Play

I remember the first time someone put an asterisk in a form on my website. I could not believe it. I guess I am a little naive. 473 more words


3D Process Developments

I have decided to remake the original rapid prototyped form by keeping the size and shape but having it milled out of a piece of billet aluminium which I can then polish to a mirror finish. 38 more words

Studio Practice

Ghost in the Machine

Why have the gods in their division
Severed us, from our heart of being?
From our soul, lured thee to wander
In techno-currency, o my lost lover? 89 more words


Opening Up Your mind

One thing that i have learned in my short life is that, information is there for you to grab it and use it.
Barriers can be broken by information, they say you can dream as big as you mind can dream. 81 more words

Just 4D

Economic Warfare

It was during the Age of Aries that the first fully blown national or imperial armies were created and for the first time cities surrounded themselves in fortified walls. 1,161 more words

Age Of Aquarius

State of Media Literacy KnowHow in College Freshmen

Freshmen college students’ understanding of media literacy is far from uniform when they enter university. They’ve gone to school in different districts with unique media literacy standards and were taught under different teachers who had varying resources and willingness to teach media literacy. 497 more words

Annmarie Kent-willette

Build It & They Will Come (Seriously It's Simple)

The coming of the Information Age reminds me of the movie Field of Dreams and the Natural combined. A field is built in Field of Dreams at the instruction of an ominous voice that says, ‘build it and they will come’. 686 more words