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We Are ‘Liquid Labour’ Living A ‘Liquid Life’

As science fiction predicted, the development of technology and living in an information age has not come about without its consequences. As we progress through the information age we are faced with the dilemma of constantly being surrounded by technology to the point where we are virtually unable to function without it, whether it is purely because we don’t know how to entertain ourselves in alternate ways anymore, or because we rely on it for various work purposes. 299 more words


The Metaphors Of The Information Age

With the invention of the telegraph came a whole host of metaphors to explain to the world what exactly it did and how it worked, and we have continued to see this happen as new technologies have been developed over the years. 418 more words


Introversion and Privacy In The Information Age

It can be difficult to be an introvert in the information age.  I frequently struggle to balance the need to be alone with my thoughts, and the responsibility to manage my digital persona. 508 more words

Simpleness & Complexity

In a reality where every decision appears to be a simple event, the context of the situation can be complex. Sometimes you look at a name, that name is the given name of an organisation. 364 more words

Short Reads

Asking for help

Asking for help…

Anyone who knows me know I hate asking for help in any way shape or form. However looking at the list sent home for school supplies and knowing the four of them will have to share a computer for their homework I’m asking for help. 355 more words

That was then; This is now – travelling for 30(ish) years

On my latest trip overseas, I noted the way travel has changed. Earlier this year I read James Gleik’s The Information. Gleik explores the birth of the information age and the impact of technology (from the alphabet, dictionaries, user generated content and information theory) on the way we live. 1,912 more words


The Balance of Male and Female Energy

By Tony Fahkry

A Whole Mind Approach

In a recent discussion with a health professional, I was curious why a growing number of people seem to rationalise their health concerns via logic alone. 1,303 more words