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Why Customer Experience Matters

After 15 years working as a design consultant with technology focused clients and partners, I’ve largely stopped answering the question, “Why do we care about users?” Rather than having a finely tuned answer to this question, I find myself replying more and more often, “It just does,” biting back the “duh” that naturally follows. 1,138 more words

User Experience Design

Week 2 Excercises

Hopefully the formatting issues from Week 1’s submission are fixed, even if it cost me the question numbers.

Why is it difficult for people to reward good IA? 1,778 more words

Weekly Assesment

Week 1 Exercise

1 What is  information? Describe the qualities of information.

Information is data which is conveyed by a particular arrangement or sequence of things, such as characters and words on a page paint on a canvas, coloured rectangles on a web-page, etc. 2,616 more words

Weekly Assesment

API Versioning, Part 1

Listen now: API Versioning, Part 1

In this technical deep dive, we discuss the finer points of API versioning. Several options are presented, along with analysis of what technique might be best in each of a variety of circumstances. 16 more words


3 Reasons You Need Information Architecture

What is Information Architecture?

Simply put, Information Architecture (IA) is all about organizing data in such an intuitive way the users will easily find it… 262 more words


Basic Information Architecture Principles (Blog 1)

1. Use the pearl growing method for information seeking to search for information about “Electronic Record and Documents Management” and “Digital Asset Management”.

a) Describe what you found/learnt about “Electronic Record and Documents Management” and “Digital Asset Management”. 1,300 more words


UX Gurus 2014

Ok, so I’m trying to compose a list over top 10 UX gurus of 2014 and I’m getting a bit disappointed of myself because I end up with “the usual suspects”. 239 more words