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Information Architecture Design of a Corporate Web Site (Blog 3)

Design a web site about something that you like (preferably business or educational in nature). The web site must be of a small to medium size (no less than ten pages). 1,448 more words


So Now It's Come To This


Perhaps this painting by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch will give you an idea of how I feel at the beginning of this course – Online Communication and Information Architecture – offered by MacEwan University. 192 more words

Blog 3

The site I will be designing and building for this course is One Step Ahead, is about the basics of the C++ programming language and is intended to educate readers on both beginner and intermediate topics. 868 more words

Griffith University

Information Architecture and Design: Fall 2014


Yan Zhang


University of Texas at Austin


Fall 2014


User-centered design of web-based information systems based on interaction design principles and the analysis of user needs and behavior. 52 more words


Library Assistant @ MCSHS: Week 21, 15 September 2014

This week I got to work on some of my assignment whilst at the library, and help with selection of books which were to be added to the Non Fiction Collection. 55 more words


On third-party transclusion

On 25 August 2014, Sorin Pintilie (@sorpeen, http://www.sorpin.com/) published an article on The Pastry Box Project, discussing a mechanism that would allow content to be transcluded into a web page, by applying an href="…" attribute to a <p> tag. 1,923 more words

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