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Guerrilla Tactics - IG Whether or not they want it

On September 18 the Information Governance Initiative hosted a twitter chat to discuss their 1st annual report. At some point in the chat I referred to myself as using Guerilla tactics to apply Information Governance practices in client projects. 960 more words

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The IGI 2014 Annual Report - Round Up of Media Coverage

On August 11, 2014, the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) released its Annual Report 2014: Information Governance Goes to Work, a comprehensive analysis of the information governance (IG) industry. 1,424 more words

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The rule of 150 applied to data

Anthropologist Robin Dunbar has used his research in primates over recent decades to argue that there is a cognitive limit to the number of social relationships that an individual can maintain and hence a natural limit to the breadth of their social group.  757 more words

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The Importance of Information Governance

Author: Leigh Hopwood

For some, information governance is a necessary but boring part of the Information Management and Content Management strategy.  For others, it’s the piece of the puzzle that creates the framework and culture to a strong and effective way to managing your corporate information. 269 more words

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Five ways to accelerate your RIM program

Information Governance (IG) framework is built to meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders within in an organization; however, it’s often records and information managers that stand to benefit most. 734 more words

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Addressing Complex Records Retention Questions

Records and Information Managers are tasked with providing guidance and solutions for a number of records retention issues throughout their careers involving a varying degree of complexity and which often have no hard and fast rule. 681 more words

Why Should We Get Out of Email?

Last week I had the privilege of having dinner with a brilliant gentleman from my college days, Alex. Some may know of Alex as he the person who is responsible for my moniker, “Pie.” We had a great conversation that was mostly devoid of ‘remember when’ threads. 708 more words