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Visiting the R.I.M. Gym

I have been barraged with postcards and flyers and emails from vendors in the last couple of weeks. The vendors are gearing up with promotional material for the conference in San Diego. 93 more words


#NuixIGChat: Having the facts is better than guessing

Guessing games are best reserved for carnivals. Good information governance (IG) requires the facts to prioritize actions and investments. Relying on hearsay, industry examples and best practice only is rarely enough to compel action and investment by C-level executives. 196 more words

Information Governance

Information Governance Takes Teamwork!

Thinking about the scope of information governance, it’s all too easy to assume that not only vendors, but also some end users are just jumping on the latest band-wagon, rebranding other disciplines and calling them “IG”. 162 more words


“Show All Children Metadata” gives you quick insights into SQLite and other structured data

A large number of very popular applications write their data into SQLite databases. This includes the Firefox web browser, the Skype communication client and the majority of the applications on the iOS and/or Android mobile operating systems. 355 more words

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Workplace privacy panel at the #CIAJ "Privacy in the Age of Information" conference

I’m mid way through the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice “Privacy in the Age of Information” conference in St. John’s Newfoundland. It’s been a great conference so far, with quality presentations on tough administration of justice like issues like cyberbullying, the right to be forgotten and state surveillance. 138 more words

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Evidence-Based Information Governance

We Don’t Know Ourselves

Imagine that you want to lose weight. You have tried cutting back, but it hasn’t really helped. Maybe you should get a little more exercise. 1,077 more words

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Join Nuix for an information governance Twitter chat

Are you a tweeter?  Or is it twitterer?  Or … no, I won’t go there. Regardless of what we in the Twitter community are called, it doesn’t change the fact that we love to learn together. 338 more words

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