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U.S. Army creates a Cyber branch

Published 26 November 2014

Soldiers who want to defend the nation in cyberspace, as part of the U.S. Army’s newest and most technologically advanced career field, now have an Army branch to join that will take its place alongside infantry, artillery, and the other Army combat arms branches. 471 more words

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In Ukraine, it is time to call a war a war

Originally published at http://blogs.ft.com/beyond-brics/2014/11/27/guest-post-in-ukraine-it-is-time-to-call-a-war-a-war/

By Taras Kuzio of the University of Alberta

Nov 27 13:37

US President Barrack Obama dare not utter the word ‘invasion’ and asks his advisers why Ukraine is so important. 762 more words

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Russia Fake Picture Identification

Here is a fake Russian picture, posed by probably Russian GRU Spetsnaz and submitted to fool you into thinking the Ukrainian Azov battalion is overrun by Nazis.   475 more words

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November 27th

Russia Today, or RT as most of the world knows it, is a peculiar publication. I see it as a vaguely subtle (since it has a fairly strong western presence) Kremlin mouthpiece hellbent on reporting anything anti-America. 248 more words


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Challenges in the Information Sphere of Russia's Neighborhood

Russia is fighting a new kind of war, one in which information is king.

The fight for hearts and minds


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Putin’s Hilter-esque excuses

by: Mykhaylo Krylatov


 Simferopol – We do not think much about the fact that we are constantly participating in the living process of history. From the societal and intellectual perspective, we are a component and the characters of the historical process. 1,113 more words

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Information Abuse at the New York Times

Information is power.  An old saying goes “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. I’d like to simplify that a bit and just say “Power can corrupt”.

Wielding power in the form of information can be a heady thing. 380 more words

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