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Russia: Please Stop Defacing Soviet Monuments

Recent events in Ukraine have caused many people in former Soviet states to have increased anxiety over the dreaded perception that Russia may attempt to reassert control.   428 more words

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A Simple Analysis of Russian Propaganda

Tonight I read an article entitled “Western Europe is fed on a diet of propaganda“.  Of course I was interested and I plunged ahead, getting to the subtitle before I realized the twist – the article was going to be pro-Russian, anti-American and it would stink.   860 more words

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RT - See no evil, Hear no evil, Invent the Truth

RT, once again, denies the truth. Not that I blame them, but it sure looks funny. 

In the continuing saga of the Russian humanitarian aid “Trojan Horse” convoy from Russia, supposedly bound for the Donbass area of East Ukraine… 328 more words

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Russia/Ukraine Information War of 2013/2014 - I Need Your Help

We’re now seeing thousands of Russians being encircled in Ukraine, escaping back into Russia, or being killed. In my opinion, many were in place in ~March/April, when demonstrations began in East Ukraine and then when the takeovers began later.   592 more words

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Wikipedia defines Maskirovka like this:

Maskirovka is a Russian word (Маскировка) pertaining to the business of military deception. Although the word is sometimes translated as ‘

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Information Operations Putting the I Back

Title:                      Information Operations Putting the I Back

Author:                  Robert David Steele

Steele, Robert David (2006)and The Army War College. Information Operations: Putting the “I” Back Into Dime. 158 more words

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