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the elusive center

I have reason to believe that one of the main reasons why a person is burnt to the pulp these days is because of the overabundance of information that seem to demand our attention on an hourly, daily, weekly basis. 479 more words


Consolidation - A personal response

‘How to organise a children’s party, based on the nature of systems’

I must confess to have a little chuckle to myself through this one as he was describing the various scenarios for each of the system ‘parties’.   482 more words

Week 2

Information Overload

I remember when I first started waking up to the lie. It felt like I was in a movie. It was information overload. All of these messages in movies were true, in part. 500 more words


Message or Mess?

I was to a meeting the other day and I heard one of the old-timers speak. Among what she said was “what will a newcomer hear: a message or a mess?” I don’t remember now where she was going with that, but that one line was very wise and I kept thinking of it. 833 more words


Why Do So Many People Fail In Online Marketing? Probably Because They're Promoting Multiple Biz Ops At Once!

So why exactly are you participating in multiple online marketing companies? I personally was in about 5… now I’m only focusing on ONE. Sure, I am a member of other companies that run themselves at this point – but that’s because in 2 years, I took the time to build each… … 10 more words

Fair Trade Friday...Please Check This Out!

We live in an age of information overload. No denying that. The world wide web has placed the global neighborhood at our fingertips, 24/7. With so much information coming at us in such a rapid-fire manor, and so much of it negative, it is easy to become completely jaded and cynical. 310 more words

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