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Honey Boo Boo and information overload

A review of television pundits’ predictions showed that these men and women who make a living by claiming their unique perspectives about government, politics, and economics make them smarter than the average bear — as Yogi used to say — were right only about half the time. 483 more words

Revised Proposal

As my previous post explains, I have too much stuff. I’m constantly being flooded with information, and to be honest, at times it feels overwhelming. 201 more words

Preliminary Data

When it's too much...

Paul Budnitz, a designer toy maker, has taken on the ‘social’ of social media and created something perhaps more closely resembles what ‘social’ should mean. Enter  470 more words


Like I mentioned, I have way too many apps. Too many programs. Too many bookmarks. Too many ways to consume information.

I need to simplify. 241 more words

Preliminary Data

Preliminary findings

After tracking my media consumption for the better part of two weeks, a few trends have definitely come to my attention. Some of the following conclusions are drawn directly from data shown in previous posts, and others have been extrapolated from general observations and consideration of my media use over time. 345 more words

Preliminary Data