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Thought that since everything else is now in my real name, I ought to continue the trend.  I’m not afraid of the big, bad world out there; the world inside my head however… 32 more words

Information Overload


You may have experienced it yourself. What you expected to be a success, didn’t happen. How come? The answer to this question is very easy. Let’s take yourself as an example. 346 more words

Digital Media

Constant Interruptions are Good for Nobody

Constant Interruptions are Good for Nobody

          By Jeff Davidson

The ever-increasing array of technology available to career professionals today accounts for the brunt of distractions we face. 619 more words

Twitter Attraction

If I had a dime for each time someone asked “what’s the point of Twitter, anyway?”, I’d have $3.20 cents.

There’s a possibility I once asked that question myself.  700 more words


Navigating a post-Google information world

Sometimes it’s easy to spot the more dubious…ahem, “facts” that have a tendency to pop up online, but what about when a source’s credibility is a little more… 345 more words

Library Advice

Stopping Information Overload

1. don’t overvalue the GUI

Unix philosophy: Information Hiding

I operate with an empty black desktop. If I need a GUI app it is called through a hotkey to a launcher. 723 more words

Geek Teachings

How Not to read (or Occupational disease II)

Do you read a lot for your job, or for other reasons?

Try this:

Walk around town. You will see hundreds of texts, words, letters: advertisements, traffic signs, shop names, bus schedules… 333 more words