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NZ mobile and fixed line network map

Just looking at my bills and probably by the end of this year I would have moved over to Vodadone for their higher speed cable internet that’ll be flat rate along with cable television and mobile especially when one considers the lighting pace that Vodafone is upgrading their network where as Telecom seem to be lumbering along like an old fart with a zimmer frame when it comes to at least coming up with a plan for their 700Mhz network expansion. 93 more words

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Mark Giannini Gives to His Community, and that Includes the Felines

Mark Giannini is known for his community involvement efforts and his ability to draw hefty donations from generous benefactors with his quick and smart business approaches. 231 more words

Mark Giannini

Ryd3r - 6

Agent Dorne gave me a look enriched with his most stern skepticism. I couldn’t blame him. After having played our cat and mouse game for so long, how could he trust that I would simply give him everything? 531 more words



本文參考資料為 9 Superb Places To Find Fresh Free Design Resources, 已取得原作者 Akhter 授權。

新穎的設計素材?設計網站,例如 The Design Inspiration 或 Premium Pixels,都能讓你獲得更多靈感,最近精選11個提供免費設計素材的網站。網路上提供設計資源,新鮮、免費的設計素材的網站很多,但並非每個都值得你投入時間

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TECH DEAL - SanDisk Ultra II 240GB 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive (SSD)

I don’t know if this is a Labor Day special or not, but Amazon has the SanDisk Ultra II 240 GB 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive at 38% off the regular price. 106 more words


Berry Gordy Jr b 1929

      Berry Gordy Jr b 1929

Berry Gordy, Jr. (born November 28, 1929) is an American record producer, and songwriter. He is best known as the founder of the Motown record label, as well as its many subsidiaries. 350 more words

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The End of the "Gamer"

The notion that the “gamer” identity is ending is one Ian Bogost draws upon in his How to Do Things with Videogames (2011), and Patrick Jagoda gestures toward it in his work as well. 60 more words