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Hacker Berhasil Mencuri 33.000 Dokumen Sony Pictures

Aksi serangan hacker yang menamai dirinya GOP terhadap Sony Pictures merupakan pukulan yang cukup telak bagi industri perfilman Holywood. Pasalnya, hasil analisis mengatakan bahwa GOP diperkirakan berhasil mencuri lebih dari 33.000 dokumen penting yang berisikan password komputer, nomor kartu kredit, akun jejaring sosial, serta nomor nomor ID kependudukan dari 47.000 karyawan dan bekas karyawan Sony Pictures. 203 more words

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Goswami Tulsidas

     Tulsi Das

India: Great Hindi Poet

Born: 1497, Rajapur

Died: 1623, Assi Ghat, Varanasi

Full name: Rambola

Books: Hanuman Chalisa of Goswāmi Tulsidas dās

Parents: Atmaram Dubey, Hulsi Dubey… 222 more words

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The x-factor to survival in the health industry

It is the dream of every business to keep their customers satisfied and loyal for as long as possible. It would be a nightmare for any type of business if they would have to deal with unsatisfied customers as it would not only mean destroying the image of the business but also decrease in the business’ ability to make profits. 403 more words


Advantages of integrating healthcare analytics into systems

Technology nowadays has evolved to an advanced level and every bit of information is converted into digital data. This has allowed healthcare providers and employers to utilize this valuable information about healthcare analytics to streamline their performance by reducing the costs, improving the level of care they dispense to their patients and creating better plans for their patients that are better as related to their health and have lesser rates than previous programs. 406 more words


Don't just fix - do impact analysis!

One of the most overlooked task for developers is doing the impact analysis. Yes, most of them might be hearing this the first time, but it’s actually a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. 89 more words

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Pattern Matching

Given a pattern and a string input – find if the string follows the same pattern and return 0 or 1.
1) Pattern : “abba”, input: “redbluebluered” should return 1. 483 more words

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Field Trip in Seika 2014 - フィールドトリップin精華町2014年

Hi everyone! It is me, Jake, from Seika Town office!
Today I am going to talk about the field trip that Alice and I did in Seika in November. 372 more words