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Research and information writing in kindergarten: a peek into Heather Bitka's classroom

I’ve had *so* much fun brainstorming possibilities for research and information writing in classrooms over the last month, and all of it took me back to my first long-term experience coaching this type of writing in Heather Bitka’s classroom almost five years ago. 445 more words

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A Preview of the Primary Level Research and Informational Writing Unit I'll Be Sharing Soon!

Over the last four years, I’ve helped numerous districts align curricula to the Common Core Learning Standards. Each approached this work in their own way, and solid reasoning guided their choices. 327 more words

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When primary writers research, who chooses the topic? Who locates resources? Why?

This page from my sketchbook reflects a bit of planning for this week’s sessions. I’m working with primary teachers to design a research-based informational writing unit. 48 more words

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Throwback Week: Information Writing - Upping the Ante on Text Features

In almost every classroom I have coached in, kids get really excited about adding text features to their informational writing. They love adding pictures, labels, maps, and table of contents to their writing.   746 more words

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How do you help primary writers generate ideas for research?

This chart reflects my approach and the questions that typically guide our early planning…..

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Sketching up an informational writing unit

This week, I’ll begin helping primary teachers design a research-driven informational writing unit. I thought I’d share the questions that are rolling around in my mind as I prepare my visit. 22 more words


Increasing the Life Span of Charts

The quote “Everything old is new again” could not ring truer for some of the charts in our classrooms. Charts that were hung up at the start of the year and still remain hanging, but are no longer relevant or needed, are simply old. 547 more words