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Failure makes you stronger, hopefully.

Hey guys! So, as you may know, I just released my first game, and it felt pretty damn good – temporarily!

Unfortunately, I’ve had to face the harsh reality that this whole thing is not going to be as easy as I may have first thought, as it really struggled to make any sort of impact! 934 more words

new hair do.. smiles.. = good news!

Yes, finally my hair is cut. It looks and feels so much better. I had my repeat cat scan on my lungs. I smiled very nicely throughout the procedure. 270 more words


Writing only looks easy. But it can be learned.

Writing isn’t something you can sit down and do without training. It only looks that way.

I’ve noticed, of late, various posts and comments around the blog-o-sphere along the lines of ‘my book is good, because I got positive comments on Good Reads (or Amazon, or Smashwords), so why did an agent say it was terrible?’ 378 more words


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An inconvenient truth?

Handling Rejection: An Editor's Viewpoint

Recently I found someone complaining that an editor rejected her piece because the editor didn’t like the style of writing she submitted to this particular magazine. 764 more words

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Rejection - from an Editors point of view - PLUS - advice to disgruntled authors and critical readers! avatar_3d174c544778_16

Animated Clip

Click here to watch!!

I decided to use this clip because 300 is a great movie, and is really inspirational to me. This scene is definitely one of my favorite parts of the movie. 89 more words

WARNING: Potential Phishing Site Selling Books to Access Your Credit Cards

by Kathy Davie

Nasty bit from Kate Douglas’ newsletter this evening about a Chinese website that is selling a slew of her books for really cheap prices. 108 more words


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Structure of Indian Government and Elections 2014 Update

2014 Elections are going on! And almost 27% adult population of the nation is still not aware of the basic structure of their government which is really alarming. 502 more words