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Just check how many of these bad habits do you have.

In India, two things keep on increasing, the population and the number of vehicles running on the roads. 480 more words


1st Floor

The Acme’s first floor is the place to eat, enjoy some music and shop locally.

When you walk into the Acme, you are either greeted by a greeter or security. 252 more words


American Amusements #1

When giving directions, American people like to pretend they have psychic abilities by preempting your path.

“First you’re gonna go down this street, then you’re gonna take a left, go into the building straight ahead, and then you’re gonna take the elevator to the third floor”. 31 more words

Fall Term

Example of Digital Storytelling for PBL

Digital Storytelling Extra Credit Opportunity

One way to enhance your PLB assignment is to present information through digital storytelling.  For additional credit, and an alternative to the Powerpoint presentation, you can create a digital story.   287 more words


Daniel Razon: A Christian Big Brother

Kuya Daniel Razon:

When you meet a man like him,

How can you loathe life?

Big Brother:

That is not his title for no reason. 115 more words

Views And Opinions

Jed McKenna, "Spiritual warfare"

The human race isn’t defective, it’s just broken.

I often state that the knowledge comes whenever we are ready to receive it. For me, most of the knowledge comes as books.

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