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Meet Guest READER Michelle Clements James

I am a reader, not a writer.  So why am I blogging?

I am a reader, and I blog about sharing the books I love whether romance, historical fiction, chick lit, biography, memoir, fantasy, classic, contemporary fiction, and children’s books.   901 more words


Read Tuesday, 2014


It’s a Black Friday type of sales event, but just for books.

In 2014, Read Tuesday will fall on Tuesday, December 9.

It will be a great opportunity to buy and gift books at amazing sales prices. 1,288 more words

Read Tuesday

Mario Balotelli is one

controversial player,though not up 2 Suarez(who later claimed,he wud not bite again).Super Mario or d man wit d shirt taggd “Why Always Me” during his spell at Manchester City was always is both d front page & Backpages of newspaper due to his fall out with then Manager of Man City(Roberto.Mancini),which lead to him leaving d club and returning bck home(By signing 4 Ac Millan). 117 more words


Is Cancer Different in Pets and People?

 An article that looks at how cancers in people manifest differently in our pets.


Picture of The Day~ August 21st, 2014


I thought this would be a nice informative picture for those interested in reflexology. :)


As the Writer of the Story, Does it Honestly Grab You?

If it doesn’t, move on to the next one…

How many stories have you written during your lifetime – tens, hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands? Over the past nineteen years I’ve written slightly over four thousand. 437 more words