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Before You Decide To Book Your Aesthetic Surger, in a major way Pointersy

Many people get cosmetic surgery each day. Several modest modifications can create a whole new search for a particular person. Many people are unacquainted with the possibility perils associated with plastic surgery, nevertheless. 362 more words

Welcome !

The Scream for Dean website is designed to be an interactive blog, centered on what you, the voters, want to talk about.

We will begin different threads throughout the campaign, depending on which issues are the focus of events that Dean is participating in. 47 more words

The future people

My dearly beloved people of the present future, I write this in respect to my future past, in my time past when I viewed my present future as a beautiful Paradise, a place without sorrow, I will get married to the best person, raise kids, live a happy life, a life full of less stress, all that stood between me and my present future was just time and freedom, the later which depends more on the former, I was a kid, maybe just about ten or less when I realised that freedom depended more on time, I see the grown ups, they do what they feel is right, be it good or evil, that is just how powerful the tool “freedom” is, and I needed that powerful tool. 272 more words


Closing the Gap: A teacher toolkit

‘The moral issue is clear. This systematic and repeated failure is not attributable to lower intelligence, but to the education system itself. Without significant changes at local and national level, we will continue to fail future generations’ (Welch, T ‘Closing the Gap’). 42 more words

Teaching And Learning

where's the beef?! pt.1

Eventually my wife is going to start actually punishing me for creeping out of the living room to make these posts.

This one is unplanned (stay tuned for regular Weds/Sun updates), but I’ve been making so many nonsensical posts lately, and it has to be said to all the dieters out there: “Protein: Come Get Some.”  I might make a shirt that says that at some point if I get, like, 1,000 followers and we can be that trendy group that sneers at people that don’t get it.   554 more words


Demand A Seat At The Table, Millennials

Those born between 1980 and 2000, known as Generation Y or “Millennials,” have the opportunity to alter the course in which this country is headed. Roughly 1 in 4 Millennials have actively participated in past elections. 348 more words


being deficient has its perks

Big girls in tube-tops.

Think about it for a second and let it percolate.  Think of the lumpy folds trying to ooze up out of her tight pants and down out of her tight tube-top like two packages of Go-gurt ™ being furiously squirted at each other.   698 more words