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Corporate Espionage: Hacking A Company Through A Chinese Restaurant Takeout Menu

Corporate espionage (industrial espionage) is a favorite topic of mine. I have written and presented on the subject quite a bit and, while I am never sure how my readers react when I write about this, I do carefully watch the look on my audience members’ faces when I first mention the issue. 985 more words

Computer Fraud

IRATETRAWL is a 900MHz USB device built to analyze user-defined transmission intelligence using the SILENTAUTO intercept. For the first time, we have the ability to correlate journalists’ chats with total freedom.

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Wow - I've been nominated for a European Security Blogger Award!

Well this is unexpected! Made a space to say stuff too long for Twitter, too left-field for LinkedIn and too formal for Facebook and only flipping got nominated for an award! 82 more words