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Adobe gets second Flash zero-day patch ready 2 days early!

Good news from Adobe about CVE-2015-0311, the unpatched zero-day in Flash. The patch is now ready via auto-update – 2 days early!

from Naked Security… 7 more words


SCADA programmers? It's time for security by default! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here’s the latest episode of our weekly 60-second security video. Enjoy the news in just one minute…

from Naked Security http://bit.ly/1CPsf5X


"Stealth" Update for Flash from Adobe, (Sat, Jan 24th)

Adobe apparently just released Flash version 16.0 …(more)…

from SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON: yellow http://bit.ly/1BouJJd


Police Using High-Tech Device to See Through Walls Warrantlessly

We are all aware of the mass surveillance conducted by the government agencies on us. From our phone calls, emails to web activities, chats and social network activities, everything has been interrupted by the law enforcements. 40 more words


A note about this 'cyber' thing...

I know quite a few people – hackers mostly – who get quite snarky and condescending over what they see as the media’s overuse of the ‘cyber’ prefix. 215 more words


Mouse-Box — An Entire Computer inside a Mouse

Smartphones in our pockets are exponentially smaller and more powerful that they don’t realize the need to carry laptops with us everywhere. Now imagine if a small mouse meets the need of the entire PC? 42 more words


Here’s the Secret Silk Road Journal From the Laptop of Ross Ulbricht

As the saga of the Silk Road has unfolded over the last four years, everyone has had an opinion about the unprecedented, billion-dollar online narcotics bazaar, from press to politicians to prosecutors. 54 more words