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Barwood Taxis Still Refuse to Pick up Black Passengers in White Neighborhoods

Once again True Montgomery tried this morning to grab a taxi at the Bethesda Hyatt hotel. The driver, in classic style, said he “had a call” which is code for not wanting to pick up a passenger of color. 125 more words

Montgomery County

Pothole buster to hit Nottingham's roads

Nottingham City Council has adopted a new vehicle that it says could save 30% in potholes repairs and provide longer lasting road surfaces.

Thinking about a Bike Friday Haul-a-Day. And, cargo bikes from Texas

Choices are rarely black and white when it comes to bicycles. Say you want a cargo bike. Do you want a short wheelbase for maneuverability? Are you willing to give up a bit of carrying capacity to get it? 304 more words

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The Internet of Things Ecosystem

The Internet of Things Ecosystem framework was introduced this past week and was well received for providing a holistic view of the different segments that make up the IoT. 4,581 more words

Internet Of Things (IOT)

National Trust reaction to Environmental Audit Committee report on HS2 and the Environment

Peter Nixon, Director of Land, Landscape & Nature, said: “We’re pleased that the Environmental Audit Committee has listened to the environmental concerns raised during this inquiry. 143 more words


Transit Tempest

On Saturday the LA Times ran an article on the Purple Line extension that was real eye-opener for me. Let me say up front that I absolutely support the extension, and I’m glad the MTA is expanding our transit network. 316 more words


Wishlist: Public Transport at Beirut Airport

Is it too much to ask; to be able to arrive at the airport get on a bus, train, tram or ferry and head to a station. 238 more words