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5 Steps to Preventing and Managing Photo Theft- Watermarks, Upload Sizes, Exposure, Reporting Fraud, and Digital Watermarks

As some of you know I was recently the victim of theft.  A photographer by the name of B&B Art Studio, aka John Life Studio, aka Dragos…I’m not sure what his real name is at this point…stole my work and the work of other photographers passing it off as his own.   1,143 more words

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More Patent Holders, Filers Need to be Mindful of Bad Behaviors

Companies that denigrate independent patent holders who enforce their rights should take care not put all of the blame for the patent system’s ills on NPEs —  301 more words


LexByte: Profits Rise when Tragedy Strikes – Trade mark Applications and “Je suis Charlie”

Saxon Shaw, University of Exeter

In Paris, the killings at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, has prompted a large number of trade mark applications for the slogan “Je suis Charlie.”  Initially, the phrase acted as a vehicle of expression to articulate a global message in support of freedom of speech and freedom of expression.  532 more words


Patent Patent

As explained in my first post, in this blog I’ll discuss food-related patents and how inventors were able to overcome the fairly strict requirements to obtain a patent. 291 more words


The battle over District 12

Any Hunger Games fan (and all those who have grudgingly been exposed to the films) will immediately recognize District 12 as the coal mining district and home to Katniss Everdeen, the story’s protagonist.  278 more words

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Copyright!! Whose Right Really Is It?

My Google Alert on Copyright has been in overdrive over the last three weeks over Copyright news items. While I was reading through some of the articles, a persistent theme was present throughout. 1,051 more words