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Style Vs Substance

Written by Adam Mann

England V Germany, Liverpool V Everton, Mars V Snickers; the great rivals of our time and the times before.

Now it is time to talk about a new rivalry, one that has sprouted in the medium of film and one that can literally split the community into two Waring factions. 797 more words


Scandinavian Angst

In my bookmarks there is a folder I keep that has grown to a tremendous size: Films. This list is actually so expansive that every time I look at it I am hit with a wave of colourful choices so diverse that I end up not being able to make my mind up at all. 307 more words

Ingmar Bergman



High school has so far been my golden era for watching Criterion movies. One of the directors they cherish the most is Ingmar Bergman. And even though I don’t have a specific memory of watching… 1,932 more words

Coda to /slash #3: Vargtimmen (Hour of the Wolf)

Vargtimmen (Hour of the Wolf)
Sweden 1968
Written by Ingmar Bergman
Directed by Ingmar Bergman

“Hour of the Wolf” was my first Bergman-movie, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be my last. 283 more words

Movie Reviews

The best movies starring Ingrid Bergman

Top 15 films starring Ingrid Bergman
  1. Casablanca – Michael Curtiz (1942)
  2. Notorious – Alfred Hitchcock (1946)
  3. Spellbound – Alfred Hitchcock (1945)
  4. Autumn Sonata – Ingmar Bergman (1978)
  5. 55 more words
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Ingmar Bergman - 1964 - All These Women (Обо всех этих женщинах)

1964 – All These Women (Обо всех этих женщинах)

3/5. У вільну хвилину.

Режисер/Сценарист: Ingmar Bergman

Комедія. Перший кольоровий фільм Інгмара Бергмана!

Скоро буде…

Ingmar Bergman

STUDIO PRACTICE 2A Worksheet 3 Conceptualising Words: ‘Faith': the Quiet before the Storm’


Worksheet 3

Conceptualising Words: ‘Faith & the Quiet before the Storm’


Following on from a lecture based on the idea of conceptualising words, we were asked to individually interpret the above words in a visual/photographic context. 1,056 more words

Advanced Studio Practice 2a