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Ignatius of Antioch (35 - 107)

In the light of the Divine Goodness, it seems to me, though others may think differently, that ingratitude is the most abominable of sins and that it should be detested in the sight of our Creator and Lord by all of His creatures who are capable of enjoying His divine and everlasting glory.


The saga continues...

One scene of Episode 12 was finished in performance, but there are still a few that have to be done and the editing as well. 902 more words

What Will Make Me Grateful?

“The greatest benefits will not bind the ungrateful.”
Aesop’s Fables

The farmer, finding a frozen snake, pitied him and placed him in his bosom to thaw.

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Wednesday Quotes

Transmuting Ingratitude.

Start your decree session by giving your Tube of Light decree and calling for Archangel Michael’s protection.

In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, in the name of Christ within me, beloved Saint Germain and the violet flame angels, I invoke the violet flame to consume and transmute all energy I have ever misused through the use of ingratitude. 66 more words


More Wisdom: Gratitude

~ As you know, my book Fresh Hope … Cleveland, is all about RESOURCES. In Part 3 – I recommended 16 books that would be great resources for you. 535 more words

On Gratitude

There was a time when people went well out of their way to help others and refused all payment of any kind. The recipient’s gratitude was sufficient payment to settle the debt. 422 more words

Exhausted Educator

A Letter To My Father, The Homophobe

Dear Dad,

I’m sorry that you couldn’t accept me for who I am, and I’m even more sorry that you think I’m this way by choice. 507 more words