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Ingrate to Grateful ~ free verse thoughts after a therapy session

Great, the session was,
        but, no,
Grating is the sensation I felt, …
        was I displaying
Ingrained behavior that leads
        to attempts at
Ingratiating myself with others, … 29 more words


Gratitude Series #15

It is not uncommon that one of the culture in Kechara is to have whole department go for movie treat and all this started with Tsem Rinpoche bringing a group of us students out on a… usually “horror”, movie outing. 485 more words


Gratitude Series #13

It was one of those days that Rinpoche had asked me and Andrew to go out to do some shopping, looking for gifts for people with Rinpoche. 515 more words


If I Understand, Why Am I Not Better?

I found a great Cracked article about OCD. It’s written by Mara Wilson (the adorable child actress in Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire) who is clever and funny. 997 more words

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

How to Overcome Happiness

Scientists have recently discovered a new disease called Happiness. The good news is that with only a little bit of effort; you can successfully overcome this life threatening disease. 715 more words

Third Quarter of the Lunar Cycle---Full Moon.

According to the teaching of the Cosmic Clock, the moon influences the emotions of humankind.

About the 15th. day of the lunar cycle we have a… 51 more words


Gratitude Series #10

 How many of us work so hard outside to make ends meet and to make sure we can at the end of the day pay our bills? 408 more words