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Innovation Is Often About Remembering

Your BREAK THROUGH, Vol. 1, Post 31

Denver is an incredible city … developing, on the move, transitioning, transforming … the change adjectives and verbs abound. 246 more words


Rare Citrus in Drinks at Elemental Mixology

Above: The Dampier Cocktail garnished with half a finger lime on the rim.

During the Experimental Mixing Symposium this past Saturday, a good number of drinks were made by the students using some relatively-unusual citrus.   692 more words


Ingredient Wise: The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders

Hi everyone!

This is another installment to the series called Ingredient Wise, that I started on my blog a while back. Here we take a look at the ingredients in a product and see if the marketing claims are backed up by the stuff listed in the ingredient list. 759 more words


Chef Lily's Strawberry Wine Shortcake

Yes, Chef Lily is 7. Technically, she’s 7 3/4 if you’re being precise. Yes, she enjoys Strawberry Wine Sauce. No, there’s no alcohol left in the sauce after cooking. 294 more words

Egg-Fried Rice with Prawns and Mangetout

Forget the sad, dry side dish you get with your Chinese takeaway, homemade egg-fried rice can be a substantial meal in itself. It’s also a very adaptable recipe. 422 more words


What to do with an octopus!?

I bought an octopus this week. It was something I’ve eaten before, in the South of France with lots of garlic mayonnaise and a selection of other fruits de mer so seeing them on the fish counter in Morrisons 300m above sea level in the middle of the Peak District was a bit of a surprise.  810 more words


from basil to pesto

The easiest herb I have ever grown has been basil. This summer my basil plant has seriously blossomed which meant it was time to make my homemade pesto!   32 more words

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