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Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind was on television the other day. The film, released in 1960, was adapted from a 1955 play loosely based on the 1925 Scopes trial, in which a Tennessee school teacher was convicted of violating state law by teaching evolution. 434 more words


The response of biologists to creation theory as compared to climate alarmism

Biologists spent great effort over many decades to rebut creation science is a cold methodical manner designed to change minds through facts and reasoned arguments. Insults and conceit give peoples excuses to not listen. 563 more words

Environmental Economics

Fables: Inherit the Wind Comic #17 Book Review!

With Mister Dark finally captured, better yet re-captured, Rose Red, Clara and Bagheera return to the Farm for inspection and determine if it’s safe for the fables to return. 742 more words

Books Review

Inherit the Lie - Scientific Evidence for Creation

(by Bruce Malone, used with permission)
The key historical event leading to the general acceptance of evolution in America was not the publication of Darwin’s book in 1859. 621 more words


:: The Right to Think :: What I think?

My (our if your Mr. Jackam reading this) class recently finished reading the play Inherit the Wind and it raised some interesting points on what was important to america then and now. 164 more words