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Inherit the Wind…the Movie

(page 25 of Inherit the Wind)

“If you were casting a movie of this book, whom would you cast for which roles?”

Melinda: Sierra McCormick… 308 more words

English Summer Reading 2014

Prompt 1: Which character in the novel is your favorite, and why? Do you like characters who are sympathetic, or funny, or irreverent, or daring, or what?

My favorite character in Inherit the Wind was Henry Drummond, the lawyer for the defense. Drummond was quite serious about winning his defendant’s case, but he also knew when to be funny, like he demonstrated when pointing out the ridiculousness of believing every word in the Bible, or nostalgic, such as when he shared the story about his first “long shot,” a toy horse he desired that turned out to be a broken wreck under its glossy paint. 161 more words

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Prompt 3: How successfully has this author brought to life the setting of the novel? (Remember that setting is place and time.) Is the author’s use of description enough to help you bring the setting to life in your mind? Why or why not?

Since Inherit the Wind is a play in “novel format,” the town of Hillsboro is always looming in the background of the set. This is the most effective use of setting throughout the novel since the subject of the writing is the town’s ignorance, old beliefs, and irrational ideas. 233 more words

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Prompt 4: After finishing this book, would you give it a positive or negative review? Why? What aspects of the novel worked for you, and which did not? Did it have a satisfying ending?

I would give Inherit the Wind a positive review because of its startling examination of religion vs. science. Many people today assume the two are at odds, however, after reading this novel, it becomes clear that they are only at odds when people position them as such. 276 more words

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Prompt 6: What is the significance of the title in both works?

(Both books)

The titles of both Inherit the Wind and Jasmine  are important to the plots of the books they respectively name. “Inherit the wind” is a quote taken from the Bible: “He who troubleth his own house, shall inherit the wind.” Of course, since it is a quote directly from the Bible, it explains its own importance. 170 more words

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Prompt 7: What is the role of religious or cultural freedom in American society?

The role of religious freedom in American society represents the diversity of American culture. Since there are so many religions, and so many different types of people, the idea that you can be any religion you want is an example of freedom that the US strives to offer. 160 more words

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Prompt 8: The ability to think for oneself emerges as a positive quality in the play. Which characters reach this ideal? Which do not? Why?

Throughout the play, characters change and evolve, but not all of them. Those who began the play thinking one thing and changed to think another are generally those who have learned to think for themselves. 290 more words

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