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July 21 in history:

The first U.S. train robbery west of the Mississippi happened on July 21st, 1873, near Adair, Iowa.  The James-Younger Gang got away with about three thousand dollars from a safe and from the train’s passengers. 103 more words

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Fate or Free Will

Prompt 13:How and to what extend does fate or free will dictate the actions of the characters?

Inherit The Wind

Place and Identity

Prompt 12: What is the relationship between place (community, culture, etc.) and identity?

Inherit The Wind

The Protagonist

Prompt 11: To what extent is the protagonist self-reliant or selfish?

Inherit The Wind

The Town of Hillsboro

Prompt 10: The town of Hillsboro assumes a personality of its own. What are some common characteristics shared by the townspeople? What changes take place?

Inherit The Wind

Thinking for Oneself

Prompt 9: The ability to think for oneself emerges as a positive quality in the play. Which characters reach this ideal? Which do not? Why?

Inherit The Wind

The Title

Prompt 7: What is the significance of the title in both works?

Inherit The Wind