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Can We Really Pursue God?

Many know that we are commanded to “seek God with all our heart,” but is that the same as pursuing God? God assures us many times that when we seek him we will find him (Jer. 311 more words


FRESNO TIMES (N° 11) Clash At Yosemite Lakes Park by Matt Carlson

Piddy and Diddy had been married now for a number of years and their lives, though complicated, was comfortable financially. Diddy had his Broker’s License and had established himself at Yosemite Lake’s Park as the main real estate agency. 683 more words


Oh How He Love Us

My mind has been sitting in the Creator/creature contrast for a while now.

I know creation, human relationships, and what happens there often serve as certain glimpses into who God is, how He treats us, and what He does for us, for, “God’s love is in every act of kindness.” … 980 more words

Multiplied Monopolies

Multiplied Monopolies

(for Mama C and Pappy)

Multiplied Monopolies,

Not of unshared worth,

But of Hearts given

For generations and generations

Love Poured out,

The ultimate gifts… 72 more words



Another exciting bit of 2014 I want to share with you, is that I joined

The Voice of the Dove Company

James and Joy Maloney’s ministry has so impacted me over the last few years, and if you’ve read earlier posts, you’ll know the story of how God brought them to my attention through a random tweet I read. 38 more words


Adult Books for Teens: Common Core: "Capital in the Twenty-First Century"

Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty  

How can a very small percentage of the population stockpile capital ? Why does the distribution of wealth in the twenty-first century seem to be so much less equable than in the twenty century? 566 more words