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Some Professional New Media Writers Thoughts...

Chalkley states, “content via the internet is not technically broadcast because one person can communicate with one other person or hundreds, even millions, of others” (Chalkley 29). 387 more words

Initial Thoughts

What is "New" Media?

New media is information that is shared to communicating a specific or set of messages to another person or group of people. This can be done by the means of writing, sound, images, things that interact with the many senses.   274 more words

Initial Thoughts

The Road to Kakuma

Initial thoughts Jan 2015

Do you sometimes open your mouth before engaging your brain? I have a habit of doing that – I say ‘yes’ to things and then worry about it afterwards. 503 more words


After doing some initial research and brainstorming, there are two main directions I am thinking about pursuing that come under the title of Property and Ownership. 243 more words


Initial Thoughts: Tomb Raider Underworld (2008)

It took me a little while to get used to the controls on this game, but after the recent Tomb Raider reboot, it’s quite nice to return to the old, familiar,  puzzle-solving variety of Tomb Raider. 87 more words

Initial Thoughts

Initial Thoughts: Curtain Call - Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (2014)

Being a huge fan of the music of Final Fantasy, I loved the first Theatrhythm game so much, but this one is so much better. Compared to Theatrhythm’s 40 or so tracks, the 200+ included in Curtain Call feel unending and with extra songs still being released as DLC, it’s going to take me much longer to get through them all. 92 more words

Initial Thoughts

Initial Thoughts: NieR (2010)

I think I’m going to like this game. It reminds me a lot of FFXII and older Tomb Raider games – on map battles and lots of puzzles to solve. 119 more words

Initial Thoughts