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Initial thoughts - Mad Max: Fury Road trailer

It’s been a long time since I saw the original Mad Max trilogy, and I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. So without labouring the point, let’s start on the first impressions: 357 more words


Initial thoughts - Star Wars Episode VII, "The Force Awakens"

It’s trailer-palooza this week – first Jurassic World and now the Force Awakens – so I guess i’ll give this trailer the same treatment that I did for Jurassic World. 381 more words

Initial Thoughts

Tomorrow is promised to no one

A camera shoots in two directions. Forwards and backwards, merging both pictures so that the ‘back’ dissolves in the ‘front’, it allows the photographer at the very moment of shooting to be in front with the subjects, rather than separated from them. 164 more words

Initial thoughts - Jurassic World trailer

To say i’m conflicted about Jurassic World is an understatement. Jurassic Park is a favourite film of mine, and a favourite book, and it was a huge influence when I started to learn about screenwriting. 388 more words

Initial Thoughts

Jurassic World trailer

Wow, so that just happened. And here I’m sitting all like; “Why do they have to wait ’til the weekend to release it?” and BAM!, it’s upon us… what am I talking about? 401 more words


Street-Level Scientism

Comments are welcome on these initial thoughts concerning everyday scientism. An excerpt:

If science cannot be the only type of certain knowledge, why is it so commonly taken to be such?

100 more words
Moral Philosophy

Age of Ultron trailer - possible spoilers

So, the Age of Ultron trailer was leaked, and then because nobody could POSSIBLY have unrung that bell Disney decided to go ahead and make that the official trailer launch. 342 more words