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I want to slowly introduce to the Ifa/Orisha traditional practice of the Yoruba People of South Western Nigeria. I am an Initiate (of Osun and Ifa) into this traditional practice and have been for many years. 2,693 more words

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There are a lot of ways to look at initiation.   The Online Merriam-Webster defines:


noun \i-ˌni-shē-ˈā-shən\

: the process of being formally accepted as a member of a group or organization : the process of being initiated… 729 more words


A New Beginning

I have started this blog for one specific reason, to give my view point and understandings of current event in public relations and corporate management. 105 more words


"Archetypal Images of the King and the Warrior" Robert Moore

“When you realise that something is very wrong with your life as it’s functioning then there will be … a quest for a sacred space and some sort of ritual elder who will help you undergo some form of initiation.” 17 more words



Continued from Riddle.

Visuvalingam, Sunthar wrote:

“”A large part of Sanskrit literature is esoteric. These correspondences, and the magic power they emanate, are called bráhman: this is the oldest sense of the term. 2,270 more words



The Brahman is the nexus of tensions, as already pointed out. It was the ‘joint’ between life and death that was played out in the I.E. 2,004 more words



Evola is always there differentiating the two paths – Devayana and Pitriyana .
To Evola, the former symbolized the Polar center of an Impersonal Individuality, and the latter symbolized the site of the Genii-Daemonic or the power In the Fides, Sraddha which fueled the Impersonal. 4,064 more words