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For what it's worth. . .

So much anger and hatred these days…Sadly, I, too, have fallen victim to it in the past. Being human, I quite probably will do so again somewhere down the line. 398 more words



Many of those who come to Me are those who are brand new to kink. They seek someone to help them translate their dreams and fantasies into reality. 342 more words


Day 1 - San Fran Land


I brought too much shit.

I brought way too much shit.

Probably should have left the mask behind.

No. I need the mask.  It’s easy to forget who I am on the Road, once the fatigue and the self-doubt start to set in.   1,064 more words

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

Old time is still a flying

And this same flower that smiles today

Tomorrow will be dying

It was not long ago that I realized that I wanted to be a travel writer. 226 more words

San Francisco and Beyond

Made it to San Francisco in one piece. Felt that I needed to begin my journey here.

Will try to post on the blog as often as I can but that will be largely contingent on computer access.   27 more words

beauty for brokenness

We put it there to slow you down.

It’s there to remind you that you enter this house today the same way you entered this large, amorphous,unruly, desperately loving family the very first time – through the water, if not of this font, of some font, somewhere, someplace. 416 more words


The Initiation of a New Project.

The first entry to anything you begin is always the hardest move to make. You go into it knowing the premise of the project but never truly know how to begin the journey.  200 more words