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Advice for the first-year teacher

As I revised some of my classroom materials and worksheets for the new school year, I began to reflect on what it was like for me the first year that I was a teacher. 279 more words

Last Mile Accelerator Workshop, The Second

It was a stark contrast sitting in CIIE for the second workshop of the Last Mile Accelerator. I remember a month and a half back; the whole team and the 12 cohort companies were sitting at… 373 more words


Sharing knowledge and experiences

CIIE is known for playing a pro-active role in developing a strong ecosystem for entrepreneurs to create scalable businesses and help them flourish. We carry out ecosystem development activities towards this goal in all of our verticals (and horizontals): ICT, social impact, cleantech. 663 more words


Exchange Letters Worldwide

I’ve got an idea for letter exchange worldwide. It’s simple and straightforward. All you need to do is contact the person you want to write with. 266 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Everest Challenge

Bike Yogi is about one week old now!  The Bike Yogi Consulting (BYC) enterprise offers a range of consulting and writing services.  This blog will contain entries about the developing business  but also my experiences riding, racing, and living.  303 more words


Are you a socially conscious riad or tour agency in Morocco? We want to hear from you!

After talking with Anou’s customers during the past several months, we’ve learned that they all share at least one of four characteristics. These characteristics are those who 1) have been to Morocco in the past or are planning a visit, 2) are socially conscious travelers and consumers, 3) have met an artisan in person during a previous trip, and lastly, 4) have a solid understanding of Anou and the fundamental role Anou plays within the artisan community.  402 more words

Moroccan Artisans

The Educational Gap No One Wants You To Know About!

For all of my years teaching, there were always worries about the educational gap that exists between race and wealth. While the general public recognizes and admits the existence of the educational gap between the wealthy and the poor, most of the focus in education has been to decrease the gap between races over the last 40-50 years. 501 more words