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Tooling Tires with PTC Creo: A-Z Formen und Maschinenbau

The engineers who make tires have been improving on the old rubber tube design almost continuously since the late 19th century.

They’ve figured out how to make the rubber seal to the rim, so you can still ride on a cushion of air, without bothering with an inner tube. 601 more words

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The Modern Injection Molding Technology

You may not be an expert in injection molding, however; some or the other time, you do feel the need of an injection molding enterprise to get some products injection molded. 338 more words

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What To Look For In an Injection Molder In The Medical Field

When searching for manufacturers that specialize in injection molding for medical devices, there are a handful of qualifications to be on the lookout for. Here’s a brief rundown of the criteria you should keep in mind when selecting an injection-molding specialist for your next project. 415 more words

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Interview with Benjamin Bouchard: China Expansion

This June, GW Plastics announced the expansion of our manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China. We sat down with Benjamin Bouchard, GW Plastics VP of International Business and Managing Director – China, to find out more details about this expansion and what it means for our customers, employees, and the future of GW Plastics: 438 more words

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Why Settle for Less? Depend on Action Mold, A National Leader in Injection Molding

Plastics of all types depend on a large bank of specially designed resins suited for specific commercial and home use. The resins that have been created contribute to  an amazing assortment of plastic products, each designed for a specific use. 374 more words

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The detrimental effects of moisture and how to avoid it

When someone mentions issues with moisture, the first thing that comes to my mind is mold. If your basement has ever flooded, you can relate. This article is not about that. 340 more words

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Key Attributes of Having Consistency of Ownership and Leadership

In a market where mergers and acquisitions are becoming more popular by the day, GW Plastics has remained independent and committed to responsible growth.  Our company revolves around the concept that continuity of ownership and leadership provides intrinsic benefits to our customers, employees, and shareholders.  941 more words

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