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Great CrossFit Injury Prevention and Performance Exercise

The workout movement CrossFit has exploded in recent years and with good reason…this program rocks at getting athletes into great shape. Unfortunately the intense workouts and complexity of some of the exercises performed may increase the risk of overuse injuries in CrossFit athletes. 335 more words


Injury Prevention for Soccer Players

The quick movements, sharp turns, and sprints involved in playing soccer can lead to tight hamstrings, quadriceps, and IT bands. Loosening up these areas with yoga postures can be extremely effective in improving performance by reducing the incidence of injury and increasing the efficiency of movement. 237 more words

Injury Prevention

What is Tabata Training?

A Tabata is a short high-intensity workout protocol invented by Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese
physician and researcher. His objective was to see if athletes would benefit from a 20/10… 142 more words

Squat Technique

So as promised here is the video of my squat technique, with a bit of a breakdown below :

The technique in the video will be by no means perfect, for instance I could relax the shoulders a bit more (think I was keeping the arms out of the way of the couch) and I have a slight tilt of the head to my left, which is something that was picked up at uni.   182 more words

Sports Therapy

30 Days of What?

This post relates to the 30 Day Challenges that keep popping up in my Facebook feed, for example 30 Day Squat Challenge, 30 Day Press-up Challenge, Plank, Squat thrust etc. 396 more words

Sports Therapy

RockTape: The Magic of the Tape Revealed!

If you’re an athlete or weekend warrior, you’ve probably seen other folks sporting strips of colorful and interestingly designed tape all over their bodies.  Perhaps you’ve seen the blue argyle print on the shins, the pink camouflage print on the wrist, or if you’re lucky enough, you’ve probably spotted the rare biohazard print anchored down to someone’s upper back.   394 more words


How to Prevent ACL Injuries in High School Athletes | Breaking Muscle

Do you have a child athlete?  Did you ever have an ACL surgery?

Below is a link to a great article with simple solutions to a common problem.  20 more words

Injury Prevention