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Here's the truth, and it hurts to say...

I didn’t follow through with my resolution to blog weekly because I haven’t run in a week.

I’ll let that soak in for a bit. 1,679 more words


Keeping your Shoulder Healthy Through the Season: Bri Gwaltney, Softball Performance Coach, B.S. Exercise Science, CSCS, USAW

Winter and spring are some of the craziest times of the year for baseball and softball players. You are coming right off all of the holidays, having practices everyday, mentally preparing for the first games of the year, and then there is school to think about! 340 more words

Champion's QUEST

A chiropractor... having a sale?!?

Thats right, here at Dixon Health, we are having a New Years sale. Starting Boxing Day, we are giving out a whole host of amazing deals on our chiropractic services including 20% off all chiropractic treatment, thats for all patients, new and existing, a 20% reduction in the fees you pay. 300 more words


Soreness Versus Injury - How to Tell the Difference?

Today’s post includes helpful information from physical therapist Josh Feigl on how to tell the difference between muscle soreness, which is a normal part of dance training, and pain, which is usually the sign of injury.  442 more words


To Stretch or Not To Stretch? That Is The Question

There has been an ongoing debate over the last decade as to what is the best type of stretching for sports performance and injury prevention: static or dynamic? 1,154 more words