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Pittsworth RMA Road Trip: Hit the Ground Running After a Car Trip

Hey RMA Crew,

Had a great road trip out to visit the Pittsworth RMA mums the other day! Big shout out to Danielle, Bin, Jamie, and Janelle for helping organise it. 571 more words

Build Your Own Functional Movement Screen Kit

Recently built my own Functional Movement Screen kit after looking at buying a kit and feeling the cost was too high for its’ simplicity – plus I’ve seen the plastic version break a few times. 118 more words

Injury Prevention

5 Tips for Running Injury Free

With the arrival of Spring and some warmer weather more of us may be encouraged to venture outdoors to exercise. For most of us this may include running. 586 more words


How-to Deal with a Stress Fracture Caused by Running

This article describes causes and symptoms of stress fractures—small cracks in the bone caused by high impact activities (such as running) and includes practical strategies and training options for runners (like me) that find it a challenge to follow medical advice and ‘rest’. 1,202 more words


Assessing Ankle Mobility

A variety of lower extremity injuries can occur as a result of decreased ankle mobility, specifically decreased dorsiflexion (see my posts on this HERE and  152 more words

Lower Body

Simple Ways to Select the Right Foods for You!

In a previous blog, I shared with you 3 ingredients you definitely want to stay away from for your own good.  In this quick read, I’m going to turn the tables around and share three things that you… 271 more words


Fight Inflammation the All-Natural Way

The Magic Pill

Don’t you wish there was a magic pill to make your aches, pains, and inflammation go away?  Better yet, don’t you wish there was a magic pill to make your aches, pains, and inflammation go away… 312 more words