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Nerve Taping?!

Nerve taping? That sounds odd doesn’t it?  Can you really tape a nerve?  No… silly!  Your nerves are too deep to tape, but you can tape the tissue around it!   278 more words


Spring snow storms

As we continue to see sporadic spring snow storms, keep these tips in mind about snow shoveling. Especially during the winter months, one of the main injuries we see is from shoveling. 88 more words

Injury Prevention

Strength Profiles = Resistance Profiles: Maximum Strength without Stress on Joints

The most important aspect of strength training is not adversely stressing the joint. Period.

What are strength and resistance profiles? A strength profile is where the trainee is strongest/weakest and the resistance profile is where the exercise is hardest/easiest. 247 more words

The Best [and Worst] Ab Exercises for Runners

All abdominal exercises are not created equal. It turns out that some of the ab exercises many of us do over and again are pretty pointless (!).   497 more words

Marathon Training

Y is for...YMCA

The YMCA have been around for a long time (it was founded in 1844). Their strapline is “Helping Young People Build a Future“. I don’t know what your experience of ‘The Y’ is, but I’ve always associated them with activities, some sort of movement in the form of sport or physical activity. 243 more words

Injury Prevention

4 Tips to Staying Healthy for Your Spring Season

4 Tips to Staying Healthy for Your Spring Season 

By: Bri Gwaltney, Sports Performance Coach

Spring sports are about to kick in to full gear, and athletes have been training hard to prepare. 513 more words