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Easiest Shoulder Internal Rotation (GIRD) Fix Ever

Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit (or GIRD for short) is defined as loss of internal rotation of the shoulder while positioned in 90 degrees of abduction. This is a commonly restricted motion in athletes that is important to address. 230 more words

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“Best Aspects of Being a Physical Therapist”

During a follow up session with an inquisitive high school runner, she asked several poignant questions and made statements that help illustrate the best aspects of being a physical therapist. 413 more words

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The Optimal Shoulder in CrossFit Journal

See my latest article in CrossFit Journal on addressing shoulder imbalances to improve athletic performance and reduce injury risk.


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My number one tip for preventing injury

The thoracic spine (the mid back) is region of the spine to which the rib cage attaches. It is naturally the least mobile area of the spine, in order to protect the fragile organs contained within the thorax- namely the heart and lungs. 598 more words


Have to be Aware of the Nasties with Running

Hey RMA crew! Hope everyone had a great week. Ang has forgiven me for nearly breaking our daughter on the trampoline last week! Hope your partners are way more responsible than me! 630 more words

How much can I increase my running per week and still limit my injuries?

It has often been suggested that the 10% rule was the best amount to increase your running. But this has been more based on clinical experience then research. 258 more words


How Are You Running?

The spring marathon season is just around the corner and those planning running a marathon should really be starting to think about your training and preparation. 474 more words

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