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Why I Love the Lunge Warm Up

I have had the honor of working at the Boulder Running Camps in Colorado for the past two weeks, founded and directed by the amazing… 114 more words


THE FUNDAMENTALS: Core Control – The Amazing Benefits of Automating Your Core

I Can Take 20 Pounds Off of You in Five Minutes! I Can improve Your Low Back Pain Forever, Today! I Can Give You Back 90% of the Height You’ve Lost as You’ve Aged, Instantly! 1,870 more words

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THE FUNDAMENTALS - Abs vs. Core, Pretty vs. Strong

Last week we talked about how every body retains and burns fat in different ways, and how those coveted flat abs that everyone is after comes from a combination of activity level, genetics, and most importantly, diet. 1,776 more words

Joint Stability

The Worst-Case Scenario of Over-Training

When I get sick, I act like the girl in the Advil commercial. “Think this cold will stop me? You don`t know me. You don`t know Advil.” … 699 more words


Harmful Foods People Still Consume

What kind of gas do you put in your car?  Octane-87: regular unleaded?  Perhaps something better like octane-89: special unleaded?  Or what about the best stuff out there like octane-91: super +?   362 more words


Tommy John: Not Just a Pro Baseball Injury

I posted this statistic on my FACEBOOK today and got a number of messages:

 25% to 30% of kids who have Tommy John surgery aren’t playing baseball two years later. 172 more words

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The Tour de France: Sufferfest

Epic. Brutal. Relentless. Monster. Doozy. These are some of the descriptions cyclists use to paint a picture of the stages that make up the 21 days of riding in the Tour de France. 346 more words