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Correct Toes definitely working to relieve bunion pain

Today I ran 9 miles in a shoe which normally gives me problems, the Saucony A5, which is a tight-fitting racing flat. I had removed the insoles from the shoes to give my feet more room inside, but the bunion on my left foot would still rub the inside of the shoe and hurt a little for several miles until I warmed up. 89 more words


A big part of efficient and pain-free running is being relaxed. Tension can cause us to use more effort than necessary, resulting in fatigue and possible injury. 205 more words

Correcting a deformity and eliminating bunion pain

When I started running more seriously almost two years ago now, I noticed that I favored some shoes over others because of the way they fit. 476 more words

Half Marathon & Marathon Prep: The Final Weeks


Ready is the most important step of Ready, Set, Go!

In two weeks, Lincoln welcomes the 37th Marathon Weekend. Twelve thousand runners (plus their families, friends and fans) flood the city beginning Friday, May 2 and culminate with the Marathon and Half Marathon races on Sunday, May 4. 396 more words


the BONK

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman.

If you’ve ever experienced one, you’ll never forget it. Hopefully, you’ve only experienced ONE…

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with this concept, watch this short video clip. 288 more words


Day #17 - A little bump in the road

I had a loooong day at work, and (even though it was to be a rest day) kinda wanted to get out and go running. I had felt my ankle swell up a little after my run on Tuesday, but it felt fine Wednesday morning. 460 more words

Correct Technique | External Shoulder Rotations with Cable

*this image does not depict external rotations; it is shoulder press.

After my encounter with the trainer at the gym taking the time to “correct” my technique doing this exercise, I thought I’d delve into it a little bit, giving proper technique and going over the trainers tip and rationale.

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