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Moving on from injuries

Tuesday’s post was all about being frustrated about my running injury issues. Today I want to talk about what I am doing to try and shake this plantar fasciitis for good, and to prevent future injuries. 463 more words

The Training Life - The Postseason: What It's For, and What It's Not

The months following the racing season are as important to your results as any others.  Here’s an outline of how to think about diet, training and recovery from October through February. 2,507 more words

FUEL Training System

Stretching- What's it all about?

A topic that everyone who works out discusses at some point! Stretching is a fundamental part of any exercise routine, any injury prevention programme and for anyone who wants to take care of their body. 555 more words


CrossFit Rehab: Prevent Injury and Train Smart

CrossFit Rehab: Prevent Injury and Train Smart

Patient of the Month – Sept 2014

Meet Gina, our pint size powerhouse! In addition to treating her at Iron, we often do CrossFit side-by-side at Brazen Athletics. 429 more words


Hot yoga.....is it for you?

We’ve been hearing more and more about hot yoga these days-good and bad. As with any new program, its best to be well informed about the risks and talk to your doctor before starting something new. 23 more words


Exercise of the Week: Band Shoulder Dislocates

First, a little disclaimer – you will not actually dislocate your shoulder with this!

I’ve had about a million clients tell me I should change the name of this exercise, but I love it – people always remember which one it is, and that’s half the battle. 551 more words


Stretching for Dancers

Thanks to Josh Feigl from Joint Pro Physical Therapy for today’s tips on stretching!

Whether you’re looking to improve your ballet or trying to prevent overuse injuries, incorporating a regular stretching program can be a great addition to your current training regimen. 381 more words