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How to Get a Deal on a Massage

One athlete I worked on at this year’s Hy-Vee Triathlon told me that he would love to get regular massage as part of his training so that he could perform better and avoid chronic injuries. 373 more words


Playing With Fire

AJ Ellis has gotten 38 of the 46 plate appearances for catchers in the month of September.  Drew Butera has four.  Tim Federowicz has four. 106 more words

Aj Ellis

Exercise of the Week: Kneeling Adductor Mobilizations

It seems that we hardly ever spare a thought for the muscles of our inner thighs. In our general defense, these muscles can be easy to overlook. 416 more words

Exercise Techniques

Running with knee pain? You should re-evaluate your heel strike

I am going to explain that heel striking into the ground from an over extended running stride 1000+ steps per mile can lead to joint pain in the knee, hip, and/or back.   1,115 more words


REPOST: Breaks Needed to Avoid Burnout, Overuse Injuries

Young people have their physical limits and can burn themselves out or injure themselves when playing a sport for too long. Paul Ohonian of LaxMagazine.com… 428 more words

Take the CAN'T out of do and make it an I CAN!

I feel horrible about not posting anything since the beginning of this blog, but life happens and we let other things on our to do list slide, but I promise to become more active and to help my fellow fitness enthusiasts, clients and whoever else wants to learn how to become fit with wisdom (Prajna). 222 more words


Bullock Smithy on RockTape

Earlier this year we were delighted to hear that our Glossopdale Harriers friend and regular sports massage client Sue had entered the Bullock Smithy challenge. She’s a great runner, specialising in ultra distance events and has won some top prizes, in the case of the Endurance Life Marathon (North York Moors in May 2013) she won the race outright in 4:02:42! 615 more words

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