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When life hands you sour lemons...

This is a reminder to myself. A personal sticky-note on the bathroom mirror. A dog-eared page in the runner’s bible.

Setbacks happen and they can be unexpectedly necessary. 377 more words


Back Exercise #2: The Deadbug

Similar to the Bird-dog exercise, the Deadbug exercise is a great early core strengthening exercise.  While many people are familiar with crunches or sit-ups and possibly even the more difficult double leg lift, 349 more words


My hips don't lie

Overall, I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to running injuries. I’ve had no aches or pains that lasted longer than a couple of days, and I am very thankful! 283 more words

Me Duelen Mis Costillas

My ribs hurt so much! Is what my trainer is currently saying. So that means it is time for injury prevention!!! This is a post about my goings on and not about how to prevent injury. 342 more words


Move better with the push-up plus

Next time you hold a plank or you’re about to knock out some push-ups, check yourself (before you wreck yourself) in the mirror. Do your shoulder blades wing out? 508 more words


No Ankle Probs? No Problem!

Did you know that nearly half of sport-related injuries are attributed to ankle sprains? A whopping 80 percent of these ankle sprains are a result of inversion, or inward rolling of the ankle joint. 314 more words

Tackling common running injuries

Sometimes, just sometimes, I hate running.

I soon fall in love with it all over again but there is one element which makes me truly hate it sometimes. 461 more words