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listen to your body!

Have you ever had any time when you did not feel any pain? Have you ever felt a slight pain or no pain when you hurt a part of your body? 1,382 more words

Depression, Running and Injury

I’m injured at the moment. I have finally admitted that fact to myself after a week of pain. The problem is I’m not good at resting when injured. 418 more words


Beware of Compensation!

Only 1 day after breaking my baby toe due to being a total klutz (and this is not the first time) I can already feel my opposite knee due me compensating, and limping around. 119 more words



Get yourself to a store which sells trainers specific to you and your style of running. You do not have to be an accomplished runner, but you definitely need to consider what type of arch you have and choose accordingly! 64 more words


A Knee the Size of a Football

I sit here disgruntled about my knee that is the size of a football. I would have described it like a basketball yesterday so I am happy there has been some progress over the night. 395 more words


Alex Morgan posts a photo of her injured ankle on Instagram

This just completely, totally blows. Alex Morgan is back in the boot.

Get better quickly.


Bump on the head

Walking today we saw a lady fall off the pavement into a crumpled heap on the ground. Just one of those everyday accidents that happen. 405 more words