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Project 'Get Fit!'

There is nothing more humbling than being able-bodied then not. One day you hop skip and jump along… the next one-foot hop aided by a walker! 376 more words

Every Day

If We Were Having Coffee (Injury Edition)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that January has not been kind to me.

It started off joyously, with old friends and a feeling of satisfaction about… 757 more words


Wednesday 28.01.15 injuries

I seem to get injured a lot. Lots of little niggles that become run stopping pretty fast. At the weekend I had a lovely long run that left a small hole in the top of my big toe knuckle. 88 more words

Types of Personal Injuries Must Be Aware Of by Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting injured or hurt while working on ships is very common.

Eye Injury:

Protection of eyes is very importance while working on ships. Ship-board jobs such as welding, painting, and working with hazardous material such as oil, chemicals etc.  184 more words


Why DOMS is good

DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It is the kind of muscle ache you feel the day after a strenuous workout, you may have trouble lifting your arms above parallel, using stairs, sitting and standing etc. 299 more words


Week 04 Day 04: I'm Back! (almost)

Having gotten tired of being injured and going through a routine of ice, rest, stretch, foam roll, complain and complain more, I decided to dip my toe back in with a bit of Pilates with the man mountain that is  850 more words


Lakers Future Becoming A Reality

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered another setback, as fans that would rather hold onto the past see their team’s future becoming a reality. With a 12-34 record halfway through the season, the Lakers odds of making the playoffs are shorter than the talent on their roster. 218 more words