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Getting Inked

August 21, 2014 marks the date that I lost my virginity – my tattoo virginity, that is. After years of talking about getting a tattoo, and deciding what design I would get, I finally took the plunge and actually got one! 506 more words


Get Inked

Don’t worry, mom! I didn’t get another tattoo! I just found one of the coolest shops in Wien! It’s the type that I could take my entire paycheck and I wouldn’t even mind when Grant got mad! 74 more words



Don’t worry this blog will get back to running soon, I just had such a good experience at work today that I had to share the entire story as I couldn’t do it justice on Facebook. 487 more words


Tattoos and Twenty-Somethings

Oh, tattoos. I’ve been wanting to write about this subject for awhile, and I got the perfect inspiration the other day when this came on NPR… 316 more words


I look up and there were
Clouds like marshmallows
White and fluffy cottons
In a dream.

Then the darkness came
Poured hot, heavy drops
On the earth as though… 61 more words